Definitive Healthcare offers the most comprehensive databases available in the industry.
  • Coverage of All Facilities – Definitive Healthcare covers all types of facilities and providers including highly detailed data on hospitals, physicians, ACOs, payors, Skilled Nursing Facilities, imaging centers, and much more. Having the full picture of the entire healthcare spectrum is essential to our clients. Further, the data on these providers are all highly tied together to help our clients understand the relationships between these facilities.
  • Deep Data on Each Facility – For each facility and other providers, Definitive Healthcare tracks a multitude of information gathered from our own primary research and hundreds of other sources. Data ranging from quality of care, financial performance, executive contact information, population analytics and more can be found within our data sets.
  • Data Not Found Elsewhere – Definitive Healthcare offers in-depth data that cannot be found elsewhere including daily opportunity creating events such as Request for Proposals, Certificates of Need, and our proprietary Definitive Conversations which offer insight on upcoming technology changes as they are taking place in hospitals and other facilities.
  • Proprietary Data and Algorithms – Definitive Healthcare takes data a step further through proprietary algorithms that help our clients understand healthcare markets. These calculations and analysis range from all-payor claims analytics, to predictions of change taking place within specific facilities.
Steven Steier, Executive Sales Administrator, Extension Healthcare

Definitive has given us clear insight into the landscape of US-based hospitals making it easier for our sales and marketing team to understand the total addressable market and reach potential prospects. The sales team utilizes the tool to better qualify prospects and convert them to customers. Using Definitive we have achieved records sales for the 5th consecutive year.