As the healthcare system transitions towards value-based reimbursement, providers have been paying increasing attention to the role of post-acute care. Today, they need to select the appropriate post-acute discharge destination to limit the chances of avoidable hospital readmissions while spending resources efficiently. The following list contains the top 10 diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) with at least 1,000 claims and the highest percentages of discharges to home, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), home health agencies (HHAs), and inpatient rehab facilities (IRFs), based upon Definitive Healthcare data.

The four typical discharge locations are progressively more acute. As would be expected, patients discharged to their homes have the least post-acute needs and accordingly lower rates of readmission and lengths of stay. The majority of the DRGs are associated with different types of births, from cesarean sections to standard delivery, often without any complicating or major complicating conditions (CC/MCC). Other DRGs, such as those concerning the thyroid, non-malignant growth removal, and appendectomies are either relatively simple procedures that do not entail significant recovery times or can be done on a minimally invasive basis.

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