Accuracy of data is of the highest importance to Definitive Healthcare. To provide our customers with the most accurate data available, Definitive Healthcare invests in cutting edge technology, hires the brightest minds, and develops highly efficient processes for collecting, updating and refreshing information and data.

Here are a few examples of how Definitive Healthcare ensures our subscribers always receive the most accurate data:

  • Updating our databases daily with the latest data, news, healthcare opportunities, and industry changes
  • Making thousands of phone calls and performing hundreds of interviews each and every week
  • Accessing information from multiple different sources in order to provide not only the most comprehensive data but the most validated information
  • Utilizing powerful and proprietary technology to ensure our research team is able to process information most efficiently and focus on the most important areas each day
  • & much more…
Jennelle Thomas, Sales Coordinator, Dynamic Computing Services

We have been subscribed to Definitive Healthcare for about 2 years and I would recommend them. It is very easy to navigate through the system and the support team responds quickly to questions. It’s been a very useful tool!”