Utilize Definitive Healthcare’s data to understand the complex and constantly changing relationships between providers, physicians, and other healthcare organization.

With Definitive Healthcare, subscribers can connect the dots between provider relationships.

  • Map out an entire IDN hierarchy – analyze which hospitals and other providers are owned, which facilities are managed or leased, and find out how decisions are made
  • Understand relationships between hospitals, ASCs, SNFs, physician groups, physicians, ACOs, and more
  • Analyze where patients seek care across different providers and provider types (and more population health analytics)
  • Map out physician referral patterns
  • Research changes in these relationships due to mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, and more
  • All of Definitive Healthcare’s data is tied together to help you understand and analyze exactly how a healthcare system or a geography is operating
Christina Cussimanio, Senior Director of Marketing, Healthcare IT

With Definitive Healthcare, our organization is able to identify decision makers from hospital executives to physician leaders. We appreciate that data is up-to-the-minute and that the platform automatically feeds over 400K reports into our Salesforce deployment, saving us large amounts of time over having to look up all that information.