Access the most comprehensive data on ASCs available

Definitive Healthcare’s ambulatory surgery center database offers subscribers critical information on one of the fastest-growing areas of the healthcare provider market. It includes detailed intelligence on surgical procedure trends, ASC executives, and IDN and physician relationships to provide an unparalleled view of each center’s operations. Users can also search and filter ASCs by a variety of metrics including quality measures, procedure volumes, and number of operating rooms.

  • Detailed profiles of over 8,100 Ambulatory Surgery Centers and outpatient facilities
  • Over 27,000 ASC executives with phone numbers and email addresses (where available)
  • Affiliations with other facilities and organizations (linked within the profiles)
  • Outpatient procedure volumes and trends
  • Identify linkages and relationships – such as, surgery centers to physician groups
  • Daily news covering M&A activity, technology implementations, new facility openings, funding announcements, and more
  • Fully integrated into Definitive Healthcare’s suite of data
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Definitive Healthcare provides our sales and account management teams with intelligent market insights and actionable alerts to immediately address the needs of our clients and the markets we serve.

Karla Sartori
Quest Diagnostics Marketing Director, ChartMaxx Division

The Definitive Healthcare website has been very helpful for our business – the ability to look up a myriad of information about hospitals and networks has been extremely useful. The interface is great – very easy to use and the information very valuable to our operations.

Shawn Miller
Director of Market Analytics, Philips Healthcare North America

Definitive has given us clear insight into the landscape of US-based hospitals making it easier for our sales and marketing team to understand the total addressable market and reach potential prospects.

Steven Steier
Executive Sales Administrator, Extension Healthcare

We have been subscribed to Definitive Healthcare for about 2 years and I would recommend them.  It is very easy to navigate through the system and the support team responds quickly to questions. It’s been a very useful tool!

Jennelle Thomas
Sales Coordinator, Dynamic Computing Services