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Identify and engage leading clinical experts

Monocl Professional Claims Extension

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Harness the power of physician-level claims data

Easy access to claims data gives medical affairs professionals a new tool to identify and prioritize the right experts. With physician-level claims data covering nearly 330 million patients, you can incorporate patient volumes and patient management insights into your expert identification and scientific communication strategies.

Gain insights that lead to better patient outcomes

Diverse data types like medical claims can help medical affairs professionals understand existing care patterns, address gaps in knowledge, and improve market impact.

By leveraging medical claims, you will gain new insights into:

  • Clinical experience: identify clinical practitioners with experience in a particular disease area or procedure
  • Clinical leadership: develop an understanding of patient volume and geography based on diagnosis and procedure activity
  • Care networks: explore rendering and referral patterns to develop deeper insight into trust, influence, and care patterns within a network
  • Innovation and impact: monitor expert activity to understand the impact of scientific communication and engagement on care decisions over time
Through our partnership with Monocl, we rely on their platform to identify the experts and insights to inform our medical efforts. By using claims data to examine different sub-populations, care providers, or at-risk patient groups, our medical affairs team will hopefully be able to improve overall outcomes. 
Nirad Acharya

GPO for External Expert Identification, Segmentation & Targeting at Boehringer Ingelheim

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Take a look at our blog on Monocl.com to learn more about identifying and prioritizing clinical leadership using the Monocl Professional Claims Extension.

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