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2013-04-16 – Fulton County Hospital Selects Healthland EHR Technology

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Healthland, America’s market leader of healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions for rural hospitals, announced today that Fulton County Hospital has selected the Healthland Centriq electronic health record (EHR) solution. Officials from the 25-bed critical access hospital, located in Salem, Ark., say they selected the solution to take advantage of Centriq’s integrated database on a modern technology platform to ensure the highest quality of healthcare for the Fulton County community.

“Fulton County Hospital has been serving our community since 1963, and to continue to maintain the highest standard of patient care we could not keep using outdated solutions,” said Fulton County Hospital CEO Marion “Tony” Thompson. “The other solutions we considered would have required us to adapt to processes that were designed in the 1980s. Healthland simply provided the most technologically advanced solution in the HIT market with in-depth knowledge of the rural healthcare environment. We didn’t feel like we were taking a step back with the Centriq solution.”

Designed with input from rural clinicians, Centriq is aligned with clinician workflows and offers easy access to patient information. This assists healthcare providers in making informed and timely clinical decisions that improve patient care and patient outcomes. Healthland’s combination of training and learning tools enable clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time on training.

“For rural healthcare providers, making the best use of time, staff and capital is critical,” said Tom Ziel, Healthland Senior Vice President of Sales. “These facilities operate with limited resources and need an HIT provider that understands their unique needs. For more than thirty years, we’ve listened to our clients and designed products and solutions that they need to deliver the highest quality of care for their communities, while helping to improve productivity and the bottom line.”

Hospital officials say Healthland Centriq will improve clinician adoption, give staff the ability to complete essential tasks in fewer steps, provide access to patient data in a usable format, and increase productivity.

“The client experience we’ve had with Healthland so far is unlike anything we’ve experienced in the past,” added Thompson. “We feel it’s really a strategic differentiator in today’s market and will help us meet the needs of our community today and in the years to come.”

The hospital is currently implementing the Healthland Centriq solution complete with revenue cycle and general financials modules; the electronic health record including computerized physician order entry, lab, radiology and pharmacy; scheduling medication administration; and the emergency department system.

April 23, 2013