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2013-06-04 – Memorial Medical Center adds CPSI electronic medical records system

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Memorial Medical Center has finalized plans and will begin the implementation of the electronic medical records, or EMR, system.

MMC initially worked with the company Next Gen, but quickly found that its was not equipped to meet MMC’s needs as a facility. MMC recently completed a lengthy and strategic process to select a new EMR vendor and have selected CPSI as our vendor of choice.

CPSI is the market leader for rural and community based hospitals. Their strategy and system is truly suited to serve MMC’s rural medical center to its fullest capacity. MMC will organizationally get so much more leverage and ability from the system than the initial partner could have provided.

Derrick Longdo, information and technology manager, is leading the charge from an IT perspective.

“Moving forward with an electronic medical record is an important change for everyone at MMC; but most importantly, our patients. This is not simply a software change. This is the beginning of both change and transformation for MMC,” Longdo said. “In order to be successful in this transformation, we need to understand that a successful implementation of an electronic medical record is not when the software is installed, or when we go live. The implementation is successful when quality care, patient safety and patient outcomes improve as a result of utilizing this software.”

The system will include clinical applications to tie in such areas as the laboratory, radiology and the pharmacy. The system includes integrated patient safety features to help ensure that medications, tests and therapies are not duplicated or cause an unintended reaction. Advanced wireless point-of-care capabilities will bring the latest available stay information from the clinical departments to the patient bedside. Patient assessment information and vital signs entered at the bedside by the nursing staff as well as results from the clinical departments will also be available immediately to the patient’s physician. The capture of all this information in electronic format results in a complete electronic medical record that can be shared simultaneously throughout the hospital.

Real-time patient care information, available to caregivers regardless as to whether the caregiver is in the hospital, at the doctor’s office or at home on-call, will reduce the hospital’s dependence on paper records and hand written notes. A clear on-line electronic medical record will allow quicker, more informed care decisions based upon up to the minute information. The CPSI System will make this efficiency of information possible.

This efficiency of information also will be brought to the hospital’s financial operations. Benefits will be realized in the processing of stay information to allow timely completion and submission of insurance claims. This will in turn mean quicker reimbursements. These benefits in financial operations will make a stronger Memorial Medical Center and allow it to continue to bring high quality health care services to the community.

You may be seeing some faces in town during the next few months. CPSI will be sending installation representatives to help us learn the new system. You also will be seeing a new format in the statements you receive. While the implementation of this new technology will bring about benefits, it will not come without the potential for a little bit of growing pain. At first, registrations may be a little slower and converted information may need adjusting, but MMC anticipates this only lasting a very short time. During this time of transition and training, MMC urges the community to show patience while staff members learn how to use the new system to serve you better.

The purchase and impending implementation of the CPSI Healthcare Information System will be a big step forward for MMC technologically speaking. With this system, MMC will be integrating all functional departments to bring together patient data in a way that will allow the hospital to maximize effective operations.

Dr. Weimer, physician leader to this project, said, “The diversity of care that this system can provide us as a rural healthcare provider is unparalleled by any other and it will improve the efficiency and quality that we can provide to you, our patients, as medical providers.”

June 18, 2013