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2013-02-08 – Piedmont Newnan transitioning to electronic medical record system

The future of patient care is coming to Piedmont Newnan Hospital, the first among Piedmont Healthcare-affiliated hospitals to transition on Friday to a new, comprehensive electronic medical record and practice management system called Epic.

The new system, which stores all health information from each of the Piedmont hospitals and doctors’ offices into one electronic medical chart, will allow doctors, nurses and other health care personnel across the Piedmont Healthcare system to access patient information. Test results, patient charts, reports and other important information will be available in real time at all Piedmont facilities.

“One benefit of this new system is that it saves our patients from having to fill out the same forms when they visit multiple Piedmont locations,” said Michael Bass, president and CEO of Piedmont Newnan Hospital. “Plus, our doctors will be able to validate medical history much faster. They’ll know what medications you’re on, if you have any allergies and other medical issues upon your arrival.”

In addition, the implementation of the Epic system will simplify the payment process for patients. Once all Piedmont Healthcare-affiliated facilities have transitioned to the new electronic medical record, there will only be one Piedmont bill, even if the patient is visiting more than one Piedmont facility.

“The electronic medical record system makes the whole process more streamlined and efficient,” said Bass. “Our patients will notice a difference in the level of ease and convenience when they come to us for health care needs.”

When visiting Piedmont Newnan Hospital over the next few weeks, patients may need to expect some processes to take slightly longer than normal while staff becomes proficient with the new system.

February 19, 2013