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Top 10 Five-Star Hospitals by Average Daily Census

On July 27th the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced new overall star ratings data on U.S. hospitals as part of their Hospital Quality Initiative, which seeks to distribute objective, easy to understand data on hospital performance and care quality.

The release takes another step towards meeting rising consumer demand for greater transparency and patient comparison tools in healthcare. Some industry stakeholders, however, have criticized the ratings release, saying it is unfairly weighted against hospitals serving poor or high-risk patient populations.

The overall hospital ratings are calculated based on 64 of the 100+ hospital measures tracked on Hospital Compare. These measures fall into seven weighted categories, including:

Measure Category Weight
 Mortality  22%
 Safety of Care  22%
 Readmissions  22%
 Patient Experience  22%
 Effectiveness of Care  4%
 Timeliness of Care  4%
 Efficient Use of Medical Imaging  4%

Overall ratings were calculated using only measures where data was available, with weight redistributed among other categories when a hospital was missing data on a particular measure. Hospitals included in the ratings data sample reported 40 measures on average, including as few as nine or as many as 64 measures.

Data collection periods varied by measure, but each generally ended in the 2014/2015 reporting period. Hospitals report the data to CMS as part of the Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Quality Reporting Programs. Additional detail on the specific measures tracked can be found here.

Of the 4,599 hospitals included in the ratings data set, a paltry two percent received the highest five-star rating (102 hospitals). Twenty percent of hospitals received a four-star rating (935 hospitals), 39 percent received a three-star rating (1,770 hospitals), 16 percent received a two-star rating (723 hospitals), and three percent received the lowest one-star rating (937 hospitals). Twenty percent of hospitals in the data sample (937 hospitals) did not meet minimum reporting thresholds and, thus, did not receive any star rating.

According to Definitive Healthcare, the following top ten hospitals earned the coveted five-star rating while catering to some of the highest patient volumes among the group.

Top 10 Five-Star Hospitals by Average Daily Census

Rank Hospital Location Average Daily Census
1 Mayo Clinic Hospital – St Marys Rochester, MN 765
2 Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Houston, TX 740
3 Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital Greensboro, NC 511
4 Sarasota Memorial Hospital Sarasota, FL 322
5 St Davids Medical Center Austin, TX 320
6 St Lukes Boise Medical Center Boise, ID 315
7 Fairview Hospital Cleveland, OH 264
8 Memorial Hermann Memorial City Med Ctr Houston, TX 246
9 St Marys Hospital Madison, WI 230
10 Shawnee Mission Medical Center Shawnee Mission, KS 204

Source: Definitive Healthcare

August 9, 2016

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