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Top 10 Renal Dialysis Networks

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 33% of American adults are at risk for developing kidney disease. With risk factors linking to high blood pressure, genetics, and diabetes, the disease is highly common, especially in the US. As the number of adults suffering from kidney disease increases, so does the demand for dialysis treatments.

CNN reports an experimental device, representing an artificial kidney, which could potentially free renal disease patients from the process of dialysis treatments. This would not only be a more convenient option for patients who receive multiple treatments a week, but it would also relieve patients from “post dialysis wash out”  and other unpleasant side effects.

But until a device like this becomes available, dialysis will remain the main source of treatment. Dialysis has been used by patients with renal disease for almost 60 years. The treatment, previously conducted primarily in hospitals, has become increasingly available at freestanding clinics. The below table shows the top 10 renal dialysis networks in the U.S. based on net patient revenue:

Network HQ Location Revenue (Millions) Facilities
Fresenius Medical Care Waltham, MA $7,668 2,262
DaVita Denver, CO $7,628 2,173
US Renal Care Plano, TX $1,038 298
Dialysis Clinic Inc Nashville, TN $612 232
Liberty Dialysis Waltham, MA $376 81
Satellite Healthcare San Jose, CA $289 78
Renal Ventures Management Lakewood, CO $248 33
American Renal Associates Beverly, MA $104 30
Northwest Kidney Centers Lake Forest Park, WA $94 15
Centers for Dialysis Care Shaker Heights. OH $57 18

Source: Definitive Healthcare

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August 23, 2016

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