Definitive Healthcare’s clinic database currently offers subscribers access to Retail Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Clinics, Urgent Care Clinics, and Renal Dialysis Facilities.
  • Profiles on over 2,500 Retail Clinics, 12,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers, 4,000 Rural Health Clinics, 10,000 Urgent Care Clinics and Urgent Care Corporations, and 6,500 Renal Dialysis Facilities
  • Integrated data to understand IDN affiliations and linkages to specific hospitals and physician groups
  • Financial metrics across all three types of facilities
  • Quality metrics within the Renal Dialysis Facility profiles
  • Affiliated Physician information
  • Claims and diagnosis analytics
  • Patient information– including characteristic, clinical data, and demographic information—for Federally Qualified Health Centers
Christina Cussimanio, Senior Director of Marketing, Healthcare IT

With Definitive Healthcare, our organization is able to identify decision makers from hospital executives to physician leaders. We appreciate that data is up-to-the-minute and that the platform automatically feeds over 400K reports into our Salesforce deployment, saving us large amounts of time over having to look up all that information.