Definitive Healthcare’s Long Term Care database provides subscribers with the most-up-to date data on this evolving market.
New Hospice Utilization Data: Over 4,000 hospice profiles now feature new clinical and demographic information, providing further insight into the types of patients that utilize hospice services. These metrics include information on primary diagnoses, charges and payments, days of care, site of service, and other demographic information.

As the population of Americans over 65 grows, the healthcare industry must respond to increased demands for affordable and comprehensive long-term care. Definitive Healthcare offers clients the key intelligence needed to analyze trends in long-term care, including diagnosis & procedure analytics, referrals, affiliations, and more. 

Definitive Healthcare users have access to:

  • Profiles on over 90,000 Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities, and Hospices
  • Over 148,000 facility executives with phone numbers and email addresses (where available)
  • Affiliations with other facilities and organizations (linked within each profile)
  • Claims and diagnosis analytics
  • Daily news covering changes in leadership, M&A activity, technology implementations, RFPs, and more
  • Powerful sales/marketing information and analytics that allow subscribers to determine important questions around network development

To learn more about the powerful long-term care data Definitive Healthcare offers, download the data sheet below!