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Health Information Exchanges Database

Who’s the project manager for a specific HIE? What technology platform does the HIE use? Access our data on more than 234 health information exchanges (HIEs) to quickly find answers to these and other questions.

Our database of health information exchanges includes:

  • Information on which technology vendors serve specific HIEs, and the applications those HIEs are utilizing.
  • The years in which specific applications were implemented.
  • Basic information on all HIE participants such as phone numbers, addresses, and facility types.

Use cases

Contact Key Executives

Get a list of senior decision makers within specific HIEs to start conversations about technology implementations, consulting, or other solutions. Get emails, phone numbers, and (in some cases) LinkedIn profiles.

Identify Tech Implementation Opportunities

Quickly discover which EHR systems, clinical systems, and other technologies HIE members are using to find opportunities to provide much-needed solutions.




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