Most Recent Hospital and Facility Closures

In the past 12 months, Definitive Healthcare tracked more than 200 announcements of temporary and permanent facility closures. In the following list, we compiled the 25 most recent announcements. Three of the shuttered hospitals operated in Pennsylvania, and each of the following states closed two facilities: Kansas, Wisconsin, D.C., and Indiana.

The causes of facility closures are varied, though most involve low or inconsistent patient traffic and financial insecurity. Partners HealthCare closed two urgent care clinics in Burlington and Medford, MA due to low patient volume and staffing shortages. DeQueen Medical Center in Arkansas is the first rural hospital to close since the state expanded Medicaid coverage, leaving patients with care options that are more than 30 miles away. Whiawa General Hospital in Hawaii stopped performing surgical procedures, claiming they were “no longer financially viable or sustainable.”

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 Top 5 Most Recent Closures

  1. United Medical Center (DC)
  2. Colmery-ONeil VA Medical Center - Emporia Community Outpatient Clinic (KS)
  3. Partners Urgent Care - Burlington (MA)
  4. Partners Urgent Care - Medford (MA)
  5. De Queen Medical Center (AR)

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