50 Most Recent Hospital and Health System Executive Moves

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As 2018 begins, hospitals and health systems are implementing new improvement plans and setting the tone for the months to come—including a number of senior leadership changes. The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex, requiring hospital and health system leaders to have extensive knowledge of the field as well as be able to adapt to new problems quickly as they arise.

C-suite executives in the healthcare industry face a host of challenges, many of which were exacerbated throughout 2017. Healthcare executives combat issues like physician shortages, patient loyalty, and a shortage of technical knowledge regarding electronic health (EHR) systems. Combined with a lack of federal funding, policy changes, and the shift to value-based care, c-level healthcare executives are in a unique position that leaders in other industries may not understand. This gives healthcare administrators special influence in their own industry and beyond.

The following Definitive List contains the 50 most recent c-suite and executive appointments for hospitals and health systems.


  Name Title Prev. Employer New Employer Date of Move
 48  Hannah Gelbs  COO  West Houston Medical Center  Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center  Dec 11, 2017
 49  Eric Evans  CEO  East Houston Regional Medical Center  Tomball Regional Medical Center  Dec 11, 2017
 50  Kerry Eaton, MS  COO  Gulf Coast Health Care System  Health Quest  Dec 8, 2017

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