Top 25 Hospitals by Heart Attack Costs & Readmissions

For hospitals with the highest heart attack readmission rates, the average reported rate is 18.8 percent, nearly three percentage points higher than the overall average of 16.3 percent. There doesn’t appear to be a correlation between higher readmission rates and higher mortality, nor does there appear to be any relation between readmission rates and number of staffed beds. The hospitals with the highest heart attack readmission rates did report a slightly lower average mortality rate. The average heart attack mortality rate is about 13.6 percent for all hospitals, and 13.4 percent for the those with the highest readmission rates.

Hospitals with the Highest Average AMI Costs

  1. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center: $29,443

  2. Presence Saint Joseph Hospital - Elgin: $28,828
  3. Baylor St Luke's Medical Center: $28,416
  4. Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center: $28,277
  5. Hackettstown Medical Center: $27,910

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