Top ASC Procedures by Cost

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Outpatient care facilities like ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are in the spotlight for patients, regulators, and care providers due to their accessibility and affordability. ASCs offer an alternative for patients that require routine procedures and are in relatively good health, allowing them to recover at home rather than in a hospital.

The increasing popularity of outpatient surgery centers led the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to reassess whether total joint replacement surgeries are safe to perform in an outpatient setting. In the following list, a knee joint revision costs about $7,800 on average in an ASC, while the same knee joint revision costs an average of $9,100 in an inpatient setting.

Some of the most commonly performed procedures at ASCs include heart monitor and pacemaker implants, as well as the insertion of spinal nerve stimulators. Twelve of the top 25 procedures involve the implant of a heart or spinal cord stimulator. Other common procedures include prosthesis implants, bone fracture treatments, and spinal stenosis treatments.

According to Definitive Healthcare data, the combined charges of the 50 most expensive ASC procedures totaled over $556,000 in 2016. The average charge per procedure was approximately $11,000.

 Top 5 ASC Procedures by Cost

  1. Implant of cochlear device
  2. Insert/rplcmt of permanent inflatable defibrillator w/ transvenous leads
  3. Remv & rplcmt defib w/replacement pacemaker
  4. Implant spinal cord stimulator
  5. Insert/rplcmt of spinal neurostimulator

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