We’ve compiled the top 10 renal dialysis clinics by net patient revenue and by total revenue. Of the top renal dialysis facilities with the highest net patient revenue, those belonging to the American Renal Associates network took 5 of the 10 spots. Clinics belonging to Fresenius Kidney Care took 2 spots.

One trend we noticed is that net patient revenue does not correlate with total revenue. Concerto Renal Services, for example, ranked 9th for net patient revenue, but had the third highest total revenue of the clinics listed.

Interestingly, of the facilities with the highest total revenues, all 10 are reported members of U.S. Renal Care. Like in the previous list, total revenues did not correspond with net patient revenue. Dutchess Dialysis, which ranked 5th for total revenue, reported the second highest net patient revenue of the listed facilities. Similarly, Tarrant Dialysis ranked 6th for total revenue, but reported the lowest net patient revenue of any listed clinic.

Currently, Definitive Healthcare tracks nearly 7,500 renal dialysis clinics and more than 35,000 other clinics, including urgent care, rural, and retail clinics.

Top 5 Renal Dialysis Clinics by Net Patient Revenue

  1. DCI - Point Breeze: $113
  2. DeSoto Regional Dialysis Center: $51
  3. Regional Dialysis Center of Mesquite: $36
  4. Liberty Dialysis: $34
  5. Liberty Dialysis Sullivan: $26

Fig 1 Revenue listed in millions of dollars

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