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Top 25 Physician Groups by Medicare Payments

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The top 25 physician groups reported an average of $224 million in Medicare payments through 2016, with a total of $5.6 billion in total payments. Internal medicine is the most common specialty type on the list, taking 11 of the 25 spots. This could be attributed to the wide range of therapy areas treated by internalists, leading to a greater volume of claims submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.

There was no significant correlation between location and Medicare payment. Physician groups from New York took 4 of the 25 spots, and California took 3. This is unsurprising, as these are two of the largest states by population and would have a higher patient volume than physician groups in other states.

Top 5 Physician Groups by Medicare Payments

  1. Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (FL): $556M
  2. Texas Oncology (TX): $465M
  3. Arizona State Physicians Association (AZ): $443M
  4. HealthCare Partners IPA (NY): $225M
  5. NYC University Physicians Network (NY): $224M

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