Top ASCs by Medicare Procedures & Charges

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

An Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is an outpatient facility that offers same-day surgical procedures to patients, often for lower prices than hospitals and other inpatient surgical facilities. ASCs allow patients to undergo routine or minor surgical procedures and recover at home rather than remaining overnight in a hospital.

Ambulatory surgery centers continue to be the focus of healthcare industry leaders seeking to reduce overall care costs. The expansion of care delivery outside of the traditional hospital setting correlates with falling costs, improved outcomes, and increased rates of patient satisfaction. Because of their limited offerings and outpatient focus, ASCs can offer diagnostic and outpatient procedures at lower rates than hospitals and other inpatient centers — often with shorter wait times for patients. Outpatient care facilities like ambulatory surgery centers are in the spotlight for patients, regulators, and care providers due to their accessibility and affordability.

Some of the most commonly performed procedures at ASCs include heart monitor and pacemaker implants, as well as the insertion of spinal nerve-stimulators. ASCs reported performing more than 9 million Medicare procedures in 2017*, resulting in more than $5.7 billion in Medicare charges according to
Definitive Healthcare data.

The following lists contain the top 25 ASCs by number of Medicare procedures performed, and the top 25 ASCs by total Medicare charges. Combined, the 25 ASCs with the highest number of procedures reported performing more than 540,000 surgeries in 2017, resulting in more than $99 million in Medicare charges.

Surgery Center Name

Definitive ID

Number of Medicare Procedures

Total Medicare Charges

Tower Wound Care Center




Boston Surgery Center LLC




Pacific Surgery Center




Summit Ambulatory Surgery Center - The Continence Center/Owings Mills




Medical Center Clinic




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