Top 25 Drugs Used In Outpatient Procedures

Of the top five drugs used in outpatient procedures (by total payments), four were used to treat cancer. All of the top 25 drugs by total payments were administered by injection. The most-used outpatient drugs by number of claims were much more diverse than the top 25 by total payments. Included in the top five drugs are an anti-nausea medication, contrast liquid, and pain reliever. Of the top 25 drugs by number of claims, only five were not administered by injection

Top 5 Drugs Used in Outpatient Procedures 

J3310 Rituximab injection 169,836 $723.2
J2505 Injection, pegfilgrastim 6mg 195,021  $596.8 
J9035 Bevacizumab injection 150,387 $478.2
J1745 Infliximab injection 151,473 $447.4
J0897 Denosumab injection 342,248 $350.7

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