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Top IDNs By Number Of Hospitals And Discharges

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The following tables list the top 25 IDNs by the number of hospitals in-network, and by the number of discharges reported during the last available calendar year.

Though many IDNs appear on both lists, the number of hospitals in a network does not directly correlate to the number of discharges. A greater number of discharges also did not directly correlate to a higher net patient revenue.

Steward Health Care System and New York Presbyterian (NYP) Health System both reported a little over 200,000 discharges in their most recent reports. Though Steward reported a higher number of discharges than NYP, NYP reported roughly double the net patient revenue. Similarly, while Kaiser Permanente ranked among the top 10 IDNs by discharges, it reported a net patient revenue of only $300 million, the lowest on the list.

Top 5 IDNs by Number of Hospitals

HCA Healthcare $39,776 211 1,873,943 
CommonSpirit Health $28,321 198 998,310 
Universal Health Services $8,935 179 683,272 
Encompass Health Corp. $3,122 135 170,299 
Ascension Health $17,090 124 705,559 

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