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Top Outpatient Procedures at Hospitals (All-Payor)

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Our data shows that metabolic panels, emergency department visits, and urine analyses are the most common outpatient hospital procedures by volume. The routine nature of these procedures ensures their places at the top of this list.

Injected cancer treatments also rank high on the list both by volume and by total payments, as well as other specialty drugs that treat rare inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Top 5 hospital outpatient procedures

HCPCS code Procedure description Est. number of procedures  Est. total payments
36415 Routine venipuncture 120,204,036 $280,375,002
G0463 Hospital outpatient clinic visit 101,639,339 $9,001,885,065 
Complete blood count w/ automated differential white blood cell count
89,622,719 $813,052,338
80053 Comprehensive metabolic panel 75,445,330 $931,410,767 
97110 Therapeutic exercises 40,715,666 $1,725,196,538

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