Webinar: Achieving Financial Success Through Bundled Payments

By integrating a bundled-payment program, incentives can be aligned for providers to create an environment for care coordination, truly moving to a fee-for-value model. As more health systems consider adopting bundled payment models, many are wondering how specifically to go about ensuring they achieve all the potential benefits.

In this Webinar, we will discuss how health systems are achieving financial, operational, and other benefits through bundled payment, talking through the steps of:

  • Assessing the organization's readiness and candidate episodes
  • Designing bundles
  • Considering participation in the upcoming BPCI-Advanced program
  • Understanding the role analytics plays in bundled payment
  • Implementing and measuring episodes
  • Improving episodes throughout their life

We will showcase how healthcare systems progress towards bundled payments using real-world examples. We will also provide extra insight into the key role that analytics plays in a successful bundled payment program and how it is used effectively.

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