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Rare disease insights from real-world data

Given a small patient population, finding the insights needed to improve patient care for rare diseases can be difficult. Patients suffering from rare diseases often experience misdiagnosis and less than optimal treatment outcomes. Armed with the right real-world data insights, biopharmaceutical companies developing rare disease treatments can identify these patients and educate the right care providers to improve patient outcomes.

Definitive Healthcare’s user-friendly, integrated real-world data platform makes it simple to quickly generate the insights needed to help potential patients. Commercialization of rare disease treatments and diagnostics isn't about accessing more data, it's about selecting the most complete real-world data and using it effectively to generate insights.

Companies developing and commercializing diagnostics and treatments are using Definitive Healthcare solutions to:

  • Find net new patients who need their treatment
  • Understand the patient journey and identify opportunities to influence treatment patterns to improve outcomes
  • Deliver insights on physician referral patterns
  • Uncover misdiagnosed patients and opportunities to educate providers
  • Identify experts and KOLs treating rare disease patients
  • Build rare disease payor insights
  • Understand potential market size
  • Understand the leading providers for specific patient populations and the characteristics of the patient population
  • Focus investigator and site selection for clinical trials
  • Assist with product differentiation


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