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Hospital Construction
The Secret of Success for Independent and Thriving Hospitals?

Consolidation remains a major trend in the healthcare industry, especially among hospitals. In 2016, there were 102 announced partnership and transaction deals, compared to 66 in 2010, according to a Kaufman, Hall & Associates analysis. In the current climate of declining reimbursements and greater emphasis on value-based care, many hospital…

Are Medicare Payment Adjustments Exacerbating Physician Shortages?

Healthcare analysts have focused a lot of attention on the physician shortage in the US, especially after the passage of the ACA, which increased insurance coverage and demand for services. One interesting resource the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) makes publicly available is its Market Saturation and Utilization…

affordable care act
Why Not All Hospitals Would Suffer Under a Full ACA Repeal

As the repeal of the Accountable Care Act looms, many within the healthcare industry are uncertain over what its replacement will look like and how it will affect insurance coverage, reimbursement, and hospital revenue. While many have projected what could happen given a full repeal without replacement, it’s worth looking…