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The Hidden, Growing Problem of Physician Burnout

The current political climate has generated a lot of uncertainty regarding future healthcare developments, but the debate over national policy can sometimes overshadow issues affecting the frontlines of patient care. One growing problem is physician burnout, manifesting itself in a lack of enthusiasm for work, growing cynicism about patients or…

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Are Today’s Providers Overwhelmed by Quality Reporting?

In today’s healthcare delivery environment, few concerns are as important to providers, payers, and consumers as quality. Quality scores can drive patients towards or away from hospitals and doctors, determine reimbursement rates, and subject organizations to a wide range of government incentives or penalties. Most would agree that quality measurements…

Telemedicine Growing in Adoption and Efficiency, but obstacles Persist

Given relatively recent advancements in technology and the greater availability of high-speed internet connections, telemedicine has found new applications in several aspects of clinical care, such as remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions, virtual office visits, and transmission of patient data between specialists and primary providers. According to a…