Hospital Data

Group Purchasing
Comparing the Top 10 GPOs

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) are continuing to help hospitals manage necessary spending. By leveraging the purchasing power of member hospitals and facilities, GPOs are better able to negotiate discounts on various goods and services. With an increasing emphasis on universal EHR systems, connected care, and integrated delivery systems, the healthcare…

Academic Medical Centers
The Unique Struggle of Academic Medical Centers

No sector of the healthcare industry has been spared from the disruptive effects of healthcare reform over the past several years, but academic medical centers have often been singled out as particularly vulnerable to the nationwide changes in health delivery. Academic medical centers (AMCs) not only tend to serve high-need…

Hospital Construction
Baptist Health South Florida Standardizing All Practices

Baptist Health South Florida Standardizing All Practices According to Miami Today, Baptist Health South Florida has created the Evidence-Based Clinical Care Committee, a committee to oversee the standardization of medical practices across the clinical care network. Evidence-based clinical care is a systematic approach developed to assist practitioner and patient decisions…

Medicare and Medicaid Bundled Payments
Why Do Teaching Hospitals Command Higher Payments?

In the current era of consolidation among healthcare providers, regulators have paid increased attention to the risk of large organizations using their combined geographic presence and market power to negotiate higher rates from insurers and raise prices. But there’s also another metric some hospitals have leveraged to get higher-than-average reimbursements:…

Top 10 Outpatient Procedures at ASCs and Hospitals

Of all the ways the healthcare industry as a whole can lower costs and improve care, one of the most promising is the continued shift to outpatient services. Made possible by medical advances, regulatory changes, and better patient management, the growth of healthcare delivery outside the hospital has led to…

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