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Generating revenue through market expansion

A medical device diagnostics division needed to expand their urgent care center market share. They leveraged Definitive Healthcare solutions to segment and target the market, closing over 400 urgent care clinics within 4 months. Their contract with Definitive Healthcare generated a $7M return in the first year.

Key results


urgent care centers closed within 4 months


return generated in year 1

The challenge

Accessing comprehensive, current data to segment and target the market

The diagnostics business unit of a large multinational medical device company needed to expand their flu testing instrument at urgent care centers ahead of the 2020 flu season. To have a successful and timely expansion, they needed to have a strategic approach to segmenting and targeting the market.

The solution

Leveraging urgent care intelligence to drive segmentation and targeting strategy

The team leveraged ClinicView from Definitive Healthcare’s Solution for Medical Devices for this campaign. For example, affiliations data and network information were critical to effectively segment the market and determine whether decisions occurred at the local or network level.

The impact

Closing >400 urgent care sites within 4 months and generating $7M return

As a result of using Definitive Healthcare, the team closed over 400 urgent care sites within 4 months in time for flu season. The diagnostics business unit’s contract with Definitive Healthcare generated a $7M return in the first year. This expansion was also very instrumental when they launched their COVID testing in the second half of 2020 and were able to maintain strong presence in the Urgent Care setting.