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Supercharge your go-to-market planning and execution by harnessing the power of the ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx data products (available individually or as a bundle). With claims collected from multiple private payor clearinghouses, Medicare and Medicaid, and then supplemented by our in-house proprietary research, both ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx provide deep insight into the patient journey, provider treatment patterns and advanced payment analytics.

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Our ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx data products give you access to a wide variety of de-identified all-payor claims data curated from many of the largest claims clearinghouses. ClaimsMx delivers access to over 8 billion commercial medical claims, covering more than 330 million patient lives. ClaimsRx delivers access to over 11 billion prescription claims, covering nearly 250 million patient lives. Both ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx deliver a deeper level of visibility into diagnosis, procedure and prescribing activity, at the provider, facility or system level.

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Procedure and billing codes

Access claims tagged by procedure, diagnosis and billing codes (e.g., DRGs, CPTs, HCPCSs, ICD-10) to give you up-to-date intelligence on who’s doing what.

Place of service

View data on where the diagnosis, procedure or prescription took place so you can identify trends by organization type and geography.

Multi-level diagnosis

See detail on both primary and secondary diagnoses to provide an unprecedented level of granularity.

Full market coverage

Our proprietary all-claims extrapolation algorithm provides you with intelligence on clinical and procedural volume for the entire market.


Increase team productivity

Get access to standardized and contextualized claims data integrated across our data products so you can easily track claims from provider to facility and organization, clearly and in one place.


Improve targeting

Utilize specific diagnosis, procedure and prescription codes to create granular market segments of key providers and organizations who would benefit most from your product, service or solution.


Answer new questions

ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx provide unlimited access to a continually updated set of commercial and prescription claims, allowing you to develop new solutions to emergent issues.


Gain market intelligence

Perform market-level searches with detailed procedure, drug and physician criteria to identify the total addressable market, analyze competitors and predict demand for your product, solution or therapy.


Power product development

Use procedure and prescription volume, health system affiliations and financial data to identify key leaders who can advise on strategy and inform clinical trial planning.


Go-to-market smarter

Identify new prospects using detailed procedure and drug info to boost your marketing database, create detailed segments and align sales territories.


Expand what you can see

Our ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx expansion modules provide even greater value when integrated with other data products to create comprehensive industry solutions and use-case specific solutions.


In-depth market procedure and diagnosis searches

ClaimsMx delivers market-level searches by level of care for diagnosis and procedures at the inpatient and outpatient levels, enabling you to dig into overarching trends and comprehensively understand the treatment of your target population.

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Integrated and contextualized data

Unlock the next level of intelligence by adding granular levels of detail to the information contained in our other data products so you can identify things like organizations specializing in the treatment of a rare disease or a physician's likelihood of prescribing your competitor's drug.

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Continually updated data

ClaimsMx and ClaimsRx enable you to understand current trends in population health, referrals and readmissions through data captured in near real-time and updated monthly, empowering you to perform accurate longitudinal analysis and patient journey mapping.

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