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Harness the power of expert data to enhance scientific impact

Access the scientific activities of nearly 13 million experts globally across all therapeutic areas in a single platform. Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0 streamlines your daily workflow, minimizes time spent hunting for information and delivers current, reliable intelligence straight to your fingertips. The redesigned UX features a range of live filters and more powerful search functionality to identify the right expert in your area of interest. Plus, the ExpertGO companion app lets you take our full database on the go, so you can identify and engage the right experts from your smartphone.

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Make faster, more confident decisions with pre-built collaboration analytics

The new Industry Collaborations feature within Monocl ExpertInsight gives your Medical Affairs and commercial teams a comprehensive view of healthcare experts and the companies they work with. Now the analytics work for you, delivering visualizations that show the depth and breadth of industry relationships so you can build smarter engagement strategies.

    Deepen competitive intelligence

    Get a comprehensive view of experts and an extensive list of their activities within the industry, including publications, meeting presentations, clinical trials, and grants. With a broad set of relevant data points in a single view, you can more easily perform deeper analyses and uncover opportunities to engage in strategic collaborations.

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    Deepen competitive intelligence

    Improve expert targeting & engagement

    Dig into an expert’s comprehensive profile to discover insights that can improve your targeting and engagement efforts. Understanding the activities at the center of an expert’s relationship with an organization (e.g. clinical trials, speaking engagements, or publications) helps you strategically plan to uncover additional areas of therapeutic interest, potential biases, time limitations, and other key factors.

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    Improve expert targeting and engagement

    Identify industry trends

    Clearly identify patterns or trends within the healthcare industry by applying a timeline filter to experts’ and companies’ clinical activities. Compare these trends to spot rising stars or senior leaders who may be open to industry collaborations based on recent activities or previous collaborations, impactful events, and engagement shifts.

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    Identify industry trends

    More of our latest updates

    Customer feedback helped shape Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0. We added new features that increase productivity and accessibility.

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    Live filters and deeper insights

    Get a powerful overview of information that updates in real time as you filter by expert and/or therapeutic area.

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    Advanced name search feature

    Refine your search results even further by adding locations and/or affiliations to your query.

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    Dynamic KOL mapping

    The dynamic map displays the locations of experts in granular detail down to the city level.

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    Intuitive search interface

    Use the drag-and-drop interface to easily build advanced search strings to narrow or broaden your results and discover the right experts to engage.

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    Responsive design

    Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0 is as flexible as you are, seamlessly adapting to all desktop and tablet screen sizes without sacrificing clarity or resolution.

    Access expert information when and where you need it most

    Get a holistic, streamlined view of the KOLs most relevant to your therapeutic area or disease state with Monocl ExpertGO, the mobile counterpart to Monocl ExpertInsight. Field medical leaders and medical science liaisons (MSLs) can now explore their experts' recent activities, including publications, clinical trials and grants while away from the office.

    Get a deeper look at Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0

    Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0 has new features that help you increase productivity, streamline workflows and develop more informed medical strategies. Watch the video to see more:

    Generate insights. Enhance patient outcomes.

    Powered by machine learning, we continuously analyze an unrivaled amount of data across all therapeutic areas and geographic regions, providing invaluable strategic context and actionable insights. We pull from billions of data sources, like publications, clinical trials, medical and scientific meetings, social media, grants, industry payments, medical societies, guideline committees, editorial boards, corporate advisory boards, awards, industry databases, medical claims and much more to help you drive meaningful expert engagements.

    Make informed decisions with confidence

    Make informed decisions with confidence

    Now it’s easier to see the essential information you need at a glance. The new advanced search functionality helps you quickly and more precisely discover experts by name, specialty and location. Or use live filters and related statistics to search by specific therapeutic area or disease state. The dynamic map view helps you see where your experts are down to the city level.

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    Deepen your understanding of the scientific landscape

    Explore real-world data on nearly 13 million experts from around the globe to improve the efficacy and impact of your work. Streamline relevant information in real time and generate insights to enhance patient outcomes. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize your search and find the right experts.

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    Deepen your understanding of the scientific landscape
    Real-time data access

    Real-time data access

    We continuously connect billions of sources from around the world into a single, coherent dataset that keeps users informed on the latest research, activities and trends. All information is constantly updated to enable you to stay current on this information and build deeper relationships.

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    Global coverage

    Our expert profiles and underlying activity data provide the ability to explore scientific landscapes completely unrestricted, identifying leading experts regardless of therapeutic area or geographic location. Usage by therapy area or region is also unrestricted – everything is included.

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    Global coverage

    Dynamic searching, sorting and ranking

    Compare experts across the globe and use our industry-defining ranking algorithms and filters to gain deep insights on opinion leaders, rising stars, digital influencers, medical society leaders, competitors and much more. By adding Monocl ClaimsMx, you also get seamless clinical insights with diagnosis and procedure volumes, referral networks and more.

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    Powerful collaborative spaces

    Build and drive valuable strategic initiatives around your selected insights with your team, continuously staying updated on new research and activities, within a shared collaborative environment.

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    Powerful collaborative spaces

    Boost your business

    Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0 can be used to:


    Take advantage of powerful filters and sorting options to qualify relevant experts for your business objectives and needs in regions of interest


    Understand how markets are changing by comparing your share of voice to competitors.


    Evaluate research and commercial activities, as well as the collaboration profile and industry relationships, for one or many experts, to drive collaboration decisions.


    Share selected expert profiles with your team, prioritize tasks and track expert activities and progress over time in collaborative workspaces.

    Frequently asked questions

      Monocl ExpertInsight has nearly 13M expert profiles in all therapeutic areas globally. You will also be able to see these medical and academic experts' activity including publications, clinical trials, grants, meetings and much more with real-time updates.

      Monocl ExpertInsight offers a robust name search functionality, allowing you to add in a location or affiliation after entering in the name of your expert.

      Using the map tool to filter is easy. Simply zoom in/out using the + / - on the left of the map until you've approximated your region of interest, and then select the 'Filter when adjusting map' check box at the top of the map. Also, traditional location filtering can still be accomplished using the filters on the left side of the screen too, so users with more discrete/difficult to approximate areas can still isolate their exact geographies.

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