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Healthcare is a complex industry facing pressure from multiple market dynamics. As revenue models shift from fee-for-service to value-based and the industry rapidly consolidates, disruptions in previously consistent revenue streams have become the new normal. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Health Systems and Provider Organizations bring clinical and financial landscapes together, giving you a full picture to improve outcomes and optimize revenue.

Healthcare provider organizations have used our solutions to quickly enter a new market. In fact, one customer identified 650 sites of care to inform their strategy to influence referral patterns, reduce out-of-network leakage, and ultimately grow their market share.


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Reach and retain more patients

Discover how a pediatric healthcare system was able to influence referral patterns, reduce out-of-network leakage and ultimately grow market share.


    A nonprofit pediatric healthcare system wanted to have a better understanding of the total addressable market as they sought to expand within their home state. To achieve this goal, they needed to better understand the patient journey, referral patterns and leakage to inform their strategy on how to reach and retain more patients.

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    The business development team partnered with Definitive Healthcare to map the patient journey for a specific patient cohort using ClaimsMx data. For all patients who received care in their network, the team tracked care touchpoints with institutions and physicians 60 days before and after that point of service. This included identifying hospitals and physicians who saw these patients as well as readmissions and complications.

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    The pediatric healthcare system identified 650 hospitals that patients visited within 60 days of receiving care at their facility, and they used this information to identify and prevent leakage after specific procedures were performed within their network. This analysis uncovered vital information to inform their strategy to influence referral patterns, reduce out-of-network leakage and ultimately grow market share.

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    Solutions that empower

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Health Systems and Provider Organizations help answer critical questions such as:


    Why are patients leaving your care network, and what can you do to stop it? Where can you find more patients?

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    Where will you perform well, and where might you need to make changes to optimize revenue in a value-based care world?


    Where and how should you invest in capital and staff? Where should you look to expand?


    How does your organization compare to others in both clinical outcomes and financial performance?


    Do you have the most current and accurate data available about your competition?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    See the industry from every angle

    Our data products can help you optimize revenue and improve care. With our data integration package, you can access insights within your workflow, and our professional services team is ready to help with any specialized visualization or reporting needs you have. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Health Systems and Provider Organizations include:


    Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

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    Inform targeted messaging with detailed insights and contacts spanning over 2.6 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals.

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    Get data on over 124,000 physician groups to see an entire PG organization and better market and sell to your target audience.

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    Search the care continuum with quality metrics on almost 100,000 nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice organizations.

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    Access data on over 12,000 ambulatory surgery centers to understand network associations and uncover key trends.

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    Get executive contacts, affiliations (organizational and physician) data and quality metrics on over 18,000 imaging centers.

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    Atlas All-Payor Claims

    Get unparalleled access to billions of all-payor, current insurance claims to power your go-to-market planning and execution.

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    Data Integration

    Enrich your internal systems with our high-quality data and insights to power your healthcare commercial goals.

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    Boost your business

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Health Systems and Provider Organizations can be used to:


    Optimize performance

    Identify areas for service line differentiation with clinical and financial metrics.


    See patterns and impact

    Leverage de-identified all-payor claims data to trace referral and patient utilization patterns.


    Identify opportunity

    See into diagnosis and procedure trends to inform demand planning and address unwanted variability in care.


    Map patient journeys

    Track the whole patient journey to understand patient leakage and how to improve your care coordination.

    Unlock new connections

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Health Systems and Provider Organizations enable you to:

    Drive top-line revenue

    Improve patient acquisition and retention.

    Improve care

    Understand the full patient journey to identify transitions of care and improve care coordination.

    Optimize financial health

    Forecast your financial performance and plan service line expansion proactively.

    Plan strategically

    Invest and budget to support forecasted demand and drive strategic growth in the context of the competitive landscape.

    Definitive Healthcare is valuable to me for really one word…time.

    Roylene Rhodes

    Vice President, Market Strategy, Envision Physician Services

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    Frequently asked questions

      Yes! There are a variety of ways to sync our healthcare commercial intelligence with your data warehouse, CRM, ERP, and other systems utilizing best practices from over 500 successful data integration projects.

      We offer a broad range of support services to ensure our clients get the insights they’re looking for. This includes a customer experience team of solution experts, a wide variety of training resources, and optional professional services support for custom projects.

      Yes! Our solutions offer you access to the data you need to evaluate in-network and out-of-network referrals and identify any gaps in specialties or service lines that cause patients to leave your network.

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