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Monocl Expert Suite

Find and engage experts around the world.

Build relationships around the globe

With the Monocl Expert Suite, you can build strong and meaningful relationships with medical and clinical experts around the world. Monocl products empower you with the tools you need and powerful insights to identify and engage strategically with the right experts – no matter where they live. Our cloud-based platform, powerful machine learning and proprietary algorithms deliver real-time updates, alerts and insights across all therapy areas and regions.

Monocl ExpertInsight

Generate unique insights into millions of medical and scientific experts globally to inform your outreach and engagement with selected experts.

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Monocl ExpertGO

Powered by ExpertInsight, Monocl ExpertGO provides immediate access to expert information from anywhere using your mobile device.

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Monocl ExpertData

Seamlessly integrate expert data into internal systems and applications to optimize your Medical Affairs team’s productivity.

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Monocl ExpertConnect

Access real-time insights whenever you need them, to drive scientific engagement and increase productivity, delivered directly in your CRM.

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Monocl ExpertClaims

Enhance Monocl products with powerful medical claims insights to drive identification and prioritization of clinical leaders across the world.

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