Inclusion through community

At Definitive Healthcare, we invite everyone to come as they are. We value the unique perspectives, backgrounds and voices of our employees, because diverse experiences drive new ideas and help us build a better community.


Our focus on D&I

We’re committed to promoting diversity and inclusion both inside and outside of the office. Here are some of the steps we’re taking:

Learning and development

We provide opportunities for all employees to grow and develop awareness around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion through company-sponsored speakers and presentations, LinkedIn Learning sessions and TED Talks.


We’re improving the diversity and inclusion in our hiring processes by training our hiring managers on unconscious bias, engaging with more diverse student groups at college career fairs, increasing our work visa sponsorship program and incorporating more inclusive, gender-neutral language into our job descriptions.


We establish employee affinity groups to share information about causes we care about and ways to get involved.


We contribute volunteer hours and financial support to organizations promoting diversity, inclusion and equity within our community.

Employee experience

We strive for an inclusive company culture that fosters a sense of belonging through employee clubs and activities and promoting a collaborative work environment.



Better together

The violent, hateful acts we have witnessed in recent years have forced us to confront a hard truth about the presence of systemic racism in this country. Read an open letter from our CEO, Jason Krantz, to learn more about our commitment to promoting positive change.

Jason's letter


Our D&I report

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Where everyone belongs

Our employee-led affinity groups provide a way for everyone to come together and share their common experiences. Alongside their allies, these employees work to promote a sense of community, belonging and understanding at Definitive Healthcare.


Women's empowerment

Supporting women’s advancement through education and action, inside and outside of the company.

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Building a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQIA employees, clients, families and friends.


Working parents

Improving the experience, benefits and community for working parents and their families.

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Cultivating a safe, progressive and inclusive space for Black employees, Indigenous employees and employees of color.

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