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Ground your strategy with powerful market analysis

To beat the competition and pinpoint winning segments, you need the best data available. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Market Intelligence ensure your market planning is grounded in data-based market analysis. Quantify market opportunity, understand market share and develop your plan using a holistic view of the healthcare ecosystem.

Our customers have used our solutions to expand their market share in strategic areas. Recently, one company used our intelligence to capture 15% of their market and gain key insights on their therapy.


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Finding the market that needed them most

Read about how one oncology company was able to size and segment their market, outshine the competition and understand their desired patients’ journey to get their therapy to those who would benefit the most.


    The oncology division of a leading medical device company had developed an innovative device to help treat cancer. They struggled to bring their therapy to market, since patients with this specific type of cancer are often misdiagnosed and their treatment can be delayed. The landscape was also extremely competitive. They needed a comprehensive understanding of their market to determine the best approach.

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    With our comprehensive claims data and analysis, they were able to gain crucial data to help inform their addressable market, understand their competitors’ market share, and map the patient journey to understand the time it took patients to be diagnosed and the care touchpoints they received. Just as important, they also identified the key physicians making treatment decisions across multiple different therapy options.

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    Our insights empowered them to successfully size and segment their market to find the patients that would most benefit from their therapy. Based on the analysis, the team determined they were able to capture about 15% of their addressable market and discovered the characteristics that made patients more likely to receive their treatment for future targeting.

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    All the info, in one place

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Market Intelligence are an integrated set of data products that gives you the most up-to-date intelligence to power strategic business decisions. With our data integration package, you can access insights within your workflow, and our professional services team is ready to help with any specialized visualization or reporting needs you have. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Market Intelligence include ...


    Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

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    Inform targeted messaging with detailed insights and contacts spanning over 2.6 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals.

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    Get unparalleled intelligence on over 124,000 physician groups so you can quickly see an entire PG organization and better market and sell to your target audience.

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    See into over 48,000 clinics to understand the patient populations served, organization affiliations and executive contacts.

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    Understand complex affiliations and partnerships with data on nearly 4,000 ACO, HIE and payor organizations.

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    Atlas All-Payor Claims

    Get unparalleled access to billions of all-payor, current insurance claims to power your go-to-market planning and execution.

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    Atlas Prescription Claims

    Access billions of distinct prescription claims to uncover drug market intelligence and understand the prescribing behaviors of individual healthcare professionals.

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    Data Integration

    Enrich your internal systems with our high-quality data and insights to power your healthcare commercial goals.

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    Inform your strategy

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Market Intelligence can be used to:


    Plan for success

    Develop a differentiated strategy based on both regional and national market share.


    Discover new opportunities

    Identify adjacent market opportunities and get the information needed to pursue them.


    Work smarter

    Optimize your supply chain with the latest demand and consumption data, like bed utilization or annual purchasing spend.

    See new opportunities

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Market Intelligence enable you to:

    Find a path

    Uncover new opportunities with affiliations data for insight into complex market dynamics.

    Seal the deal

    Develop your positioning based on an in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape.

    Stay current

    Continually refresh your market analysis with real-time access to data that helps you keep up with a changing market.