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Expand your healthcare commercial intelligence

Work with our experienced strategic solutions team to do more with healthcare commercial intelligence. Our team of data scientists, healthcare industry experts, and consultants will help you integrate the data, analytics, and insights from Definitive Healthcare into your organization.


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Custom data integration


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Optimize productivity, improve data cleanliness and maximize the value of your internal systems by integrating Definitive Healthcare intelligence into your existing data infrastructure. Sync and standardize datasets within your internal CRM, ERP, or data warehouse using a common Definitive ID. Flexible reporting tools make it easy to create and export your own reports, or work with our strategic solutions team to build customized data extracts that meet your unique needs.
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Narrow in on opportunity

Our strategic solutions team will partner with you to design a comprehensive project tailored to the needs of your organization, from fully customized dashboards, longitudinal provider behavior analysis projections, or forecasting to consulting engagements for developing market strategies and data visualization.

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Custom projects


Focus on what matters

Our strategic solutions team can work with you to create custom, in-depth reports that meet your specialized business needs. Our team can extract and link customized data sets from multiple data products to generate new intelligence. Calculate your total addressable market (TAM), build cohorts to identify specific target patients or providers, and segment them. Map out and analyze patient journeys, as well as provider workloads, all from insights our team can help you unlock.

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Promotional Analytics

Promotional Analytics helps life science organizations attain peak revenue and profit by improving customer segmentation, maximizing impact of promotional tactics and effectively allocating omnichannel budget. With four distinct, user-friendly modules, clients can understand the preferences of prospect segments, target high-value healthcare providers and identify the most engaging marketing tactics and channels.

The product integrates data from any source, delivering the healthcare commercial intelligence sales and marketing teams need to make faster, more confident decisions.

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Promotional Analytics
Planning & Performance

Planning & Performance

Planning & Performance optimizes the pathway to FDA approval and commercialization by improving market opportunity selection, accelerating clinical trials and informing business decisions. With four distinct, user-friendly modules, you’ll be able to size potential markets, measure performance with interactive KPI dashboards, identify the fastest recruiting investigators and predict patients eligible to receive treatment.

Planning & Performance integrates data from any source, creating the healthcare commercial intelligence clinical and commercial teams need to improve decision-making without requiring them to spend time analyzing data.

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Focus your intelligence for strategic planning

Improve your intelligence for strategic planning with our healthcare data reports. With a multitude of options covering market intelligence, HCP targeting, and HCO targeting, you and your teams will get insights monthly, seamlessly delivered via sFTP, AWS, Snowflake, or Databricks. Use those data reports to create lists, data visualizations, and more.

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healthcare data reports

Insights that take you further

Tap into our team of data scientists, healthcare industry experts, and consultants to address questions through a data-driven lens.


Access custom dashboards

Work with unique insights, such as physician, patient, and prescription scorecards, and top payors by volume.


Visualize opportunity

Understand affiliations and referral patterns across the large systems and networks that matter to you.


Dive into data

Gain a deeper understanding of cohorts and timeframes with custom claims analysis and longitudinal patient journeys.


Hit your target market

Pinpoint providers in your market that show purchasing intent to identify decision-makers and key opinion leaders.


Scope by geography

Understand provider footprints and map territories for a specific geographical area, including hospital, medical, and prescription claims data broken out by state and facility.


Strengthen your foundation

Merge your data with ours to ensure you’re working with the most comprehensive, accurate data available.