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Partnering for better insights

Gain a broader understanding of today’s healthcare landscape when you tap into our consulting, analysis and reporting services. Together, we can interpret organizational hierarchy, analyze trends and unify disparate sources of data to enrich your work.

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Serving up insights the way you want

Get access to experienced healthcare data analysts and industry specialists who enable your success through both self-service and high-touch one-on-one engagements. We'll help you solve business questions through a data-driven lens.

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Enrich your data expertise

Get custom reports designed with the information you need to drive your biggest business needs.

Data, delivered to you

Gain customized data extracts while you master management projects.

Robust reporting

Use analytics, dashboards and research to create in-depth reports on care across the continuum, including calculations and aggregations, claims analysis and filtering and more.

Projects, built for you

Let us craft your extrapolations for patient analyses, build dashboards and segment accounts and providers, plus provide call support.


Find links between providers

Capture affiliations and partnerships, and add expanded insights on facilities and physicians.


Uncover buyers

Track usage across networks and pinpoint the decision makers ready to purchase.


Follow the patient journey

Longitudinal analyses with customizable cohorts and timeframes allow you to assess referral patterns, readmission reasons, network leakage and more.


Precise segmenting

Find the right healthcare organizations or key opinion leaders to ensure your message is reaching the right people in the right way.


Pinpoint the competition

Assess the willingness of different facilities to adopt products and stay a step ahead of your competitors.


Speak their language

Hone your messaging to clients with meaningful financial and clinical measures to gain accurate quality metrics, and more.

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