Accelerate medtech development & commercialization

Gain unparalleled market intelligence, improve your go-to-market strategy and demonstrate your device’s value. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Medical Devices combine the highest-quality network affiliation hierarchy with Medicare and commercial payor claims to speed up the long, expensive process of identifying the patients, physicians and care centers who need your device.

Our solutions are proven to help medical device companies expand their market presence. In 2021, one customer used our intelligence to close deals with 400 urgent care centers and generate a $7M return.


Optimize your medical device development and commercialization journey

Bringing a medical device to market can be a lengthy and complicated process. No matter where you are on the commercialization journey, we’ve got a solution that addresses your specific challenges. Our bundles are aligned with the FDA's medical device development process. With the right healthcare commercial intelligence, you can help demonstrate your device’s value and bring it to market faster.

    Early Stage

    In the early stages of device development, you need current, up-to-date intelligence about your market and any potential competitors. Our early-stage bundle provides you with real-world evidence that you can leverage to create solid business cases with a quantifiable return on investment.

    With this bundle, you can:

    • Support the funding process
    • Understand epidemiology and disease prevalence for market sizing
    • Identify academic centers of excellence and KOLs/experts for clinical trials and customer feedback
    • Understand the patient pathway to better assess market opportunity
    • Access insights to provide strategic context
    • Gain global visibility for all medical affairs teams for strategic planning
    • Develop reimbursement strategy




    Getting ready for commercialization? See how one unified data set can help you align pre-launch market analysis with post-launch opportunities. From there, our healthcare commercial intelligence can give you a comprehensive view of the HCO and HCP markets, so you can make the right strategic decisions.

    With this bundle, you can:

    • Improve your device’s chance of gaining PMA status or 510(k) clearance
    • Engage relevant KOLs, experts, decision-makers and influencers
    • Define sales territories and segment your market
    • Customize messaging with insights derived from claims data
    • Identify new market entrants
    • Receive real-time updates on the market
    • Build incentive and compensation plans




    Congratulations, your medical device is approved for commercial use! Now you need to know how to attain peak revenue and profit throughout the entire commercial lifecycle. The Definitive ID maps the unique relationships between providers, facilities and organizations, so you can create tight alignment among the many different players in your sales and marketing teams. With a single source truth, you’ll be able to maximize your resources and minimize your mistakes.

    With this bundle, you can:

    • Engage KOLs and experts
    • Customize sales & marketing campaigns with medical claims data
    • Prioritize high-value prospects
    • Analyze market share
    • Enhance your commercial strategy
    • Segment your market and customer base
    • Enrich CRM records with a deeper view of your customers and prospects
    • Refine incentive and compensation plans
    • Maximize opportunities with accurate HCO/HCP referrals, affiliations data and more



    Chosen by the brands pioneering what's next


    Answer your critical questions

    Our Solutions for Medical Devices empower you to make meaningful market decisions and find answers to important questions, such as:


    How can I calculate the size of the addressable market for my medical device?

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    What’s the best way to evaluate the benefits and risks of this device in a real-world setting?


    How do I reach the stakeholders who will make purchasing decisions for their organizations?


    How should I best align and direct my sales force?


    Which physicians send high volumes of specific diagnostic tests to labs?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    Decide with confidence

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Medical Devices can be used to:


    Assess your market

    Understand your total addressable market using specific diagnosis and procedure codes pertaining to your products and solutions.


    Target segments

    Prioritize accounts by diagnosis and procedure volumes, prescription activity, laboratory test volumes and more, plus utilize insights into health system networks and affiliations.


    Measure the impact

    Quantify the value and impact of your device in the market by comparing diagnoses and procedures related to your therapeutic area over time.


    Map patient journeys

    Find opportunities to improve patient care with your device by understanding treatment and referral patterns across the care continuum.


    Find decision makers

    Gain insights into the payor landscape and the contracting process for facilities and networks so you can reach the executives and leaders who can make an impact on the success of your device.

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    Power up

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Medical Devices enable you to:

    Increase market share

    Glean insights from real-world data to make smarter commercialization decisions for your medical devices.

    Work smarter

    Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and marketing team by making data-driven decisions.

    Deliver improved patient outcomes

    Improve patient care by using real-world data insights to educate and inform the right providers and healthcare facilities about the value of your device or treatment.


    Accelerating go-to-market for a new device

    See how a leading medical device company leveraged the insights and analysis from Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Medical Devices.


      The diagnostics business unit of a large multinational medical device company needed to expand their flu testing instrument at urgent care centers ahead of the 2020 flu season. To have a successful and timely expansion, they needed to have a strategic approach to segmenting and targeting the market.

      Solve your challenge


      The client leveraged our data to design and execute their marketing campaign. Affiliations data and network information were critical to effectively segmenting the market and determining whether decisions occurred at the local or network level.

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      The team closed deals for more than 400 urgent care sites within four months, just in time for flu season, and generated a $7M return in the first year. This expansion was instrumental in successfully launching their COVID-19 testing in the second half of 2020 because they were able to maintain a strong presence in the urgent care setting.

      Experience the impact

      Healthcare commercial intelligence, all in one place

      Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Medical Device Companies is an integrated set of data products that help you understand your market and how it's evolving. With our data integration package, you can access insights within your workflow, and our professional services team is ready to help with any specialized visualization or reporting needs you have.


      Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

      Learn more


      Inform targeted messaging with detailed insights and contacts spanning over 2.5 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals.

      Learn more


      Get data on over 124,000 physician groups to see an entire PG organization and better market and sell to your target audience.

      Learn more


      Access data on over 11,000 ambulatory surgery centers to understand network associations and uncover key trends.

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      Get executive contacts, affiliations (organizational and physician) data and quality metrics on over 18,000 imaging centers.

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      Search the care continuum with quality metrics on almost 100,000 nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice organizations.

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      Atlas All-Payor Claims

      Get unparalleled access billions of all-payor, current insurance claims to power your go-to-market planning and execution.

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      Monocl ExpertInsight

      Generate unique insights into millions of medical and scientific experts globally to inform your outreach and engagement with selected experts.

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      Monocl ExpertClaims

      Enhance Monocl products with powerful medical claims insights to drive identification and prioritization of clinical leaders across the world.

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      Atlas Prescription Claims

      Access billions of distinct prescription claims to uncover drug market intelligence and understand the prescribing behaviors of individual healthcare professionals.

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      Frequently asked questions

        Definitive Healthcare provides healthcare commercial intelligence for market segments across the healthcare continuum including hospitals, physicians, physician groups, surgery centers, imaging centers, long-term care facilities, and clinics. We consolidate affiliations, referrals, quality metrics, financials, clinical metrics, and more, for a comprehensive view of the specific areas of healthcare that would benefit from your device.

        Clients create market segmentation strategies in several ways. Our solutions can help you segment by GPO, IDN, health system, hospital, account size, physician group, physician specialty, type of facility, referrals, claims diagnosis volumes, claims procedure volumes, claims prescription volumes, and more. The robust reference and affiliation data provide context to help show how your market segments relate to each other.

        Data-driven marketing offers the greatest chance of success, and Definitive Healthcare has a variety of solutions that are key inputs to developing and executing a marketing plan, including market sizing, helping to align sales and marketing on segments, market and account segmentation, target account identification, executive contacts and LinkedIn profiles for marketing campaigns, and more.

        Our solutions provide sales teams with access to profiles for any market segment (including hospitals, physicians, physician groups, surgery centers, imaging centers, long-term care facilities, and clinics), executive contact details, and information pertinent for territory-level business planning, pre-call planning and sales calls such as clinical, financial and quality metrics, claims information, and more.

        Explore our data