Drive success from drug discovery to commercialization

Biopharma, biotech, and pharma companies face a number of challenges in bringing their products to market. No matter where you are on the commercialization journey, we have a solution that addresses your specific needs. The Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Biopharma combine best-in-class data products, analytics, and services to deliver powerful intelligence so you can make decisions with confidence – accelerating the development of your products and improving the lives of the patients who need them.

Use our biopharma solutions to prioritize the right market opportunities, develop relationships with the most influential scientific and medical experts, and maximize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.


Optimize every step of the commercialization process

Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Biopharma improve performance of the following critical functions:

    Brand strategy

    Brand strategy leaders use our solution to evaluate opportunities and guide decision-making throughout the commercialization process. By combining comprehensive real-world data with powerful analytics, you can identify the best market opportunities, accelerate launch timelines, and develop tactics to expand market share.

    This solution combines products and services from:

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    Biopharma: Brand Strategy

    Medical affairs

    Medical affairs teams use our solution to get a complete, integrated picture of the scientific landscape for their therapy area. Using in-depth, therapy-specific insights, you can improve competitive intelligence, engage with the most influential experts, and ensure the market understands the scientific value that your product delivers.

    This solution combines products and services from:

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    Biopharma: Medical Affairs


    Marketing leaders use our solution to maximize campaign performance, more effectively allocate omnichannel budgets, and assess the competition. Granular visibility into your target therapy area helps you to increase both patient market share and revenue.

    This solution combines products and services from:

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    Biopharma: Marketing


    Sales teams use our solution to drive top-line revenue by creating effective sales territories, maximizing performance, and improving competitive intelligence. Industry-specific, on-demand analytics allow you to quickly adapt to changes and identify optimal sales tactics in minutes.

    This solution combines products and services from:

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    Biopharma: Sales

    Market access and reimbursement

    Market access and reimbursement teams use our solution to gain valuable insights into the market and payor landscape that help them identify the best market opportunities and improve product launches. Your teams get the intelligence they need to refine payor strategies to demonstrate your product’s value to as many patients as possible.

    This solution combines products and services from:

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    Biopharma: Market Access and Reimbursement

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    Developing and delivering drugs to the right patients is expensive, time-consuming, and fraught with risk. Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Biopharma combine data, analytics, and expertise to help each area of your organization meet its goals. Together, we can:

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    Answer your critical questions

    Our Solutions for Biopharma help you find answers to important questions, such as:


    Who are the patients that need your drug?

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    Who are the providers who treat those patients, and where do they practice?


    What’s causing readmission in certain hospitals?


    What does the competitive landscape look like?

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    Which promotional channels and tactics resonate with our target audience?


    What scientific activity is going on in our target therapy area and who is doing it?

    See how we can help answer your questions.

    Commercialize with confidence

    Use Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Biopharma to:


    Size potential markets

    Quantify market size and total accessible patient populations with market, brand, and patient-level intelligence.


    Engage with experts

    Target and prioritize the right medical experts, healthcare providers, and scientists around the world to increase awareness, scientific credibility, and influence.


    Kickstart clinical trials

    Use Medicare and commercial payor claims data with affiliation context to identify sites with high patient volumes and recruit investigators for clinical trials.


    Segment and target

    Find facilities and providers in your target market based on insight into patient journeys and quality and cost factors.


    Measure effectiveness

    Assess industry-specific analytics to monitor performance and identify the optimal path forward.

    Get your product to the patients who need it, faster

    Definitive Healthcare Solutions for Biopharma help you:

    Accelerate product development

    Access robust intelligence on market, brand, and scientific activity so you can select the right opportunities, develop innovative products, and inform clinical program design.

    Maximize performance across teams

    Use a powerful mix of market-level context and account-level contacts to gain a granular view of the healthcare landscape and optimize brand strategy, marketing, sales, and medical affairs efforts.

    Make more informed decisions

    Understand the therapy area that you’re targeting with a single source of healthcare commercial intelligence so you can increase alignment across teams, answer questions in minutes, and act decisively in near real-time.


    Identifying high-risk stroke patients

    Discover how a leading cardiovascular division used our data to more accurately estimate, target and deliver their product to hospitals with the greatest number of high-risk stroke patients.


      A cardiovascular division of a Fortune 500 biopharma company wanted to understand how many patients at the hospitals they served were at high risk of stroke. Until finding Definitive Healthcare, they had limited visibility into this information and were relying on the national estimate—of the total patients at risk of a stroke, 70% are considered high risk based on several risk factors.

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      The client worked with our biopharma solutions to craft a new report that used current claims data combined with deep visibility into the hospitals they served. The data showed that most hospitals were well above the 70% estimate, and some were closer to 90%.

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      This more accurate prediction helped the sales team prioritize hospitals with the most high-risk stroke patients, as well as shape their messaging to add credibility, precision and confidence.

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      Frequently asked questions

        Our solutions provide healthcare commercial intelligence on markets across the healthcare continuum including physicians, physician groups, and the healthcare delivery organizations with which they both have affiliations (e.g., hospitals, health systems & IDNs, surgery centers, imaging centers, long-term care facilities, and clinics). We curate de-identified all-payor claims data, affiliations, referrals, quality metrics, financials, clinical insights, and more to deliver a comprehensive view of the specific providers and patient populations that would benefit from your drug or therapy.

        Biotech and pharmaceutical companies can create very targeted market segmentations using a wide variety of factors (e.g., prescribing behavior, geographic location, physician group membership, health system affiliation, etc.). Our solutions provide access to robust insights into hospitals and health systems, as well as physicians and physician groups. These insights include detailed information on GPO, health system & IDN hierarchy, hospital operating and financial metrics, physician and physician group primary and secondary specialty, type of facility, referrals, claims diagnosis volumes, claims procedure volumes, claims prescription volumes, and more.

        Data-driven marketing offers the greatest chance of success, and Definitive Healthcare offers a variety of data products, analytical tools, and services that provide key inputs to developing and executing a marketing plan. Our customers use the solution to perform market sizing, align sales and marketing territory segments, create market and account segmentation, identify target accounts, track down executive contacts with detailed contact information (e.g., email, phone number, LinkedIn profiles, physical address) for marketing campaigns, and more.

        Our solutions provide sales teams with access to profiles for any market segment (e.g., hospitals, physicians, physician groups, surgery centers, imaging centers, long-term care facilities and clinics) which are inclusive of relevant location and contact details. Organizations can also access information relevant to territory-level business planning, pre-call planning, and sales calls. This includes clinical, financial and quality metrics, claims information, and more.