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Optimize biopharma sales strategies to drive revenue

Changes in the market require sales leaders in biotech, biopharma, and pharma organizations to rethink their traditional approaches to sales planning. Our solution helps you determine the most effective sales channels, find the key decision makers, and uncover the best tactics, leading to more targeted and effective sales outreach. With on-demand data and iterative analytics, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the market and maximize your revenue.

Optimize biopharma sales strategies to drive revenue

Let’s solve your biggest sales challenges together

Reaching your revenue targets is no easy feat. You’ve got to understand the market for your targeted therapy area and then translate that behavior into actionable sales strategies and tactics. We can help you:

Displace your competitors

Understand the HCPs and HCOs who are prescribing competitor products and then use reference and affiliation data to target the right decision-makers.

Understand prescribing habits

Combine national and brand-level dashboards to understand the addressable market for your targeted therapy area and then use up-to-date claims volumes to discover new opportunities.

Intercept patients early

Follow patient treatment pathways and use detailed analytics to understand where your product fits and where in the patient’s journey your sales reps should engage.

Create winning sales strategies

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Biopharma Sales delivers powerful healthcare commercial intelligence to sales leaders through a combination of data products, analytics, and services. Using our solution, you can generate more revenue by designing more effective sales territories, improving competitive intelligence, and maximizing sales rep performance. Our solution includes:

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Use a wide range of products to deepen your understanding of target hospitals, physicians, and providers and then engage them with effective messaging.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Access billions of all-payor claims to create more effective sales plans and improve the quality of your outreach.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Leverage billions of distinct prescription claims to understand individual provider prescribing behavior and organizational affiliations.

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Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights with healthcare data reports, custom engagements, promotional analytics, and more with our strategic solutions team.

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Key benefits for your sales teams

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Biopharma Sales helps you:

Shorten time to insight

Track performance and measure impact in minutes, so you can adjust sales strategies as needed, optimize rep time, and drive revenue.

Maximize sales rep performance

Use continually updated HCP to HCO affiliation data along with address and contact info to help your team prioritize the highest value decision makers with tailored messaging.

Improve competitive intelligence

Use all-payor claims, reference, and affiliation data to quickly see which providers are prescribing competitor therapies, and then generate strategies to displace them.

A new approach to sales intelligence

Only Definitive Healthcare can offer:

Intelligence at your fingertips

Intelligence at your fingertips

Create sales strategies in a fraction of the time with ready-to-use, self-service intelligence that delivers answers in minutes.

Iterative analytics on-demand

Iterative analytics on-demand

Explore, analyze, cut, and report data on-demand—all from a single, secure source of truth.

Unmatched data accuracy

Unmatched data accuracy

Powerful AI/ML techniques link billions of data points together, offering a superior level of quality and new intelligence not found anywhere else.

Versatile performance

Versatile performance

Adjust sales strategies and tactics on the fly while ensuring cross-functional alignment to meet sales goals or stay ahead of changing industry trends.