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All the data you need to drive commercial success

Get unmatched visibility into data on more than 15 million healthcare professionals and 301,000 organizations, matched with real-world claims and evidence. The Atlas Dataset ranked #1 or #2 for the top 10 use cases for healthcare reference and affiliation data, according to an independent market survey conducted by a leading research group. Developed with advanced data collection methods, proprietary technology and algorithms, sophisticated data science, and dedicated research teams, the Atlas Dataset provides curated and contextualized intelligence to help you understand your market, improve targeting, and achieve commercial success.

All the data you need

Meet the top-ranked healthcare commercial dataset

Our robust, accurate, and easily accessible reference and affiliation data make it a top choice among healthcare organizations selling into healthcare, according to an independent research firm. Whether you work for a provider or in life sciences, construction, staffing, medical supplies, financial services, or really any business in the healthcare space, our data helps you navigate the market and accelerate commercial success. To learn more, check out our latest report that covers an array of companies and industries, or read our previous report which dives into life science and provider organizations.

Top-ranked Atlas Dataset

Analyze the market from any vantage point

Watch the video to see how you can discover new opportunities for your business.

Atlas Dataset

When you need the latest intelligence on healthcare providers, facility performance, technology installations, procedure and diagnosis claims, medical experts, or any other aspect of the healthcare market, the Atlas Dataset has you covered. The Atlas Dataset includes multiple proprietary datasets that deliver a complete view of the healthcare industry. You can leverage any combination of these datasets and our proprietary data science to see the healthcare market from any angle.

Atlas Reference & Affiliation Dataset

See how millions of healthcare professionals and organizations are connected and work together through our best-in-class affiliations intelligence and 30+ reference categories.

Atlas Technology Install Dataset

Get unparalleled intelligence on the vendors, products, and technologies implemented across the industry to find the highest-value prospects for your solutions.

Learn more.

Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset

Follow patients' healthcare journeys with billions of de-identified claims from commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, federal programs, and other payors.

Learn more.

Atlas Prescription Claims Dataset

Leverage billions of pharmacy and direct prescription claims to understand market trends in payments, rejections, and reversals.

Learn more.

Atlas Expert Dataset

Understand the scientific landscape with intelligence on millions of key opinion leaders, researchers, academics, and healthcare providers in all therapeutic areas worldwide.

Atlas Behavioral Health Dataset

Explore inpatient, outpatient, rehabilitative, and therapeutic facilities to optimize behavioral health facility planning, find partnership opportunities, and engage targeted accounts.


Combine multiple datasets for exponential impact

See how one client sharpened their physician targeting by leveraging the Atlas Dataset.


    A biopharma company was launching a drug treating sickle cell disease (SCD). They needed to understand the value of specific networks by identifying the number of unique SCD patients receiving care. The company first used a physician-level claims report for a specific network and identified 3,824 patients; however, because multiple providers see SCD patients, they suspected that relying on claims data alone inflated the number of unique patients.

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    Atlas Dataset Challenge


    To determine the true number of unique patients, they used our proprietary reference and affiliations data paired with our all-payor claims data mapped to the integrated delivery network (IDN) at the claim level and found that the true number of unique SCD patients at the IDN was 833.

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    Atlas Dataset Solution


    By combining claims, reference, and affiliations data, the company refined their targeting and avoided a 359% overstatement of patients, supporting more effective use of the field force. Layering additional data points on top of their initial analysis helped the sales and marketing teams to accurately identify the organizations and physicians with the most acute need for their product.

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    Atlas Dataset Impact

    A unique approach to healthcare commercial intelligence

    With a proprietary combination of people, technology, and data science, we employ refined methodologies and extensive quality control to provide full visibility into healthcare professional and organization activity. Only Definitive Healthcare offers:

    Multi-dimensional data collection

    Multi-dimensional data collection methodology

    We collect billions of data points from thousands of public, private, and proprietary sources including first-party research, disparate public information, government and regulatory agencies, and third-party data. We also use multiple feedback channels to efficiently gather and incorporate client and market input.

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    Rigorous data cleaning and linking process

    Our multi-step process involves proprietary algorithms, dedicated research and quality control teams, and data science techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and geolocation. We prep, cleanse, normalize, link, and verify the data to unite disparate datasets and ensure the highest data quality.

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    Rigorous data cleaning and linking process
    Unique intelligence

    Unique intelligence created by data science

    Through curation and advanced analytics, our team turns raw data into high-quality insights by connecting millions of affiliations, identifying physical addresses of every U.S. facility, estimating and extrapolating clinical volumes up to 100% of the market, and mapping hospital organizational structures.

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    Build better commercial strategies

    The Atlas Dataset is the foundation of our healthcare commercial intelligence, providing a longitudinal, comprehensive, and current picture of the healthcare market so you can:

    Uncover new opportunities

    Uncover new opportunities

    Understand the relationships, operational interactions, and trends between healthcare professionals and organizations.

    Respond quickly

    Respond quickly to market changes

    Adapt to market needs based on the most current provider activity and data science-enabled insights.

    Make decisions

    Make decisions with confidence

    Build commercial strategies grounded in billions of data points on reference, affiliations, claims, and experts.

    Access the Atlas Dataset

    Access the Atlas Dataset on your terms

    Flexible options allow you to access the Atlas Dataset in the way that best aligns with your organization’s needs and existing systems. These include our View Product Suite, Monocl Expert Suite, Passport Analytics Suite, custom reports, as well as integration with your internal business systems.

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    Frequently asked questions

      We have developed a multi-dimensional data collection methodology. Our first-party research includes over 650,000 research calls and 4 million email outreaches annually. We collect data from more than 20,000 government and regulatory sources and more than 250,000 websites, journals, publications, news articles, job postings, and other public information sources using proprietary automated processes. We also collect third-party data, including information on many billions of institutional and professional claims covering many millions of patients.

      Our proprietary insights are derived from deep domain expertise, computer science, and mathematics. The data science team leverages an array of advanced analytics such as NLP, ML, and AI. The team combines statistical research and subject matter expertise on commercial strategy, use cases, and real-world data (RWD) to arrive at insights that help you to better target opportunities, allocate resources, inform strategic planning, and drive other critical business decisions.

      This dataset spans more than 30 unique reference categories such as financial performance, practice locations, contact information, quality performance, healthcare organization and professional affiliations, technology, purchasing, and staffing data. As a result, you gain critical insights into buyer intent, patient care and performance trends, investments in care optimization, and more.