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Maximize your network and market growth

Network Intelligence provides healthcare provider organizations with dynamic analytics to improve network integrity. Built from robust claims and affiliation datasets, our flexible analytics and data visualizations deliver insights into referral patterns, provider benchmarks, and market volumes from any perspective or scale. With our user-friendly platform and seamless integration into your internal systems, you get the intelligence you need to manage network performance with ease.

Maximize your network and market growth

Get started with these use cases

Learn how top healthcare organizations are using Network Intelligence to drive growth.


Improve in- and out-migration

Keep more patients inside your network by evaluating shared pathways and connections.


Identify opportunities to earn new business

Expand your provider network across a complete range of specialties and services.


Segment and target providers

Expand key service lines by understanding patient mix, diagnosis, and procedure activity.


Engage and market to providers

Build target lists and measure ROI for physician liaison outreach and marketing campaigns.


Optimize your Provider Relationship Management (PRM)

Strengthen PRM/CRM adoption by integrating claims and referral behavior analytics.

Answer your critical questions

Network Intelligence helps you answer important questions such as:


Where is the opportunity to reduce outmigration?

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Which providers should I engage based on referral patterns?


Are my employed or aligned providers consistently sending patients to my specialists?


Which out-of-network physicians do we have the potential to partner with?

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Which physicians should join our practice based on their procedure and patient activity?


Where should my organization focus growth efforts by service line, geography, and provider?

See how we can help answer your questions.

Drive growth with Network Intelligence

Our offering helps you:

Grow net revenue

with improved network utilization and increased patient acquisition and retention

Earn new business

by expanding and nurturing external provider relationships

Increase patient volumes

with targeted outreach of in- and out-of-network providers

Dynamic referral pattern analytics

Dynamic referral pattern analytics

Our self-service analytics make it easy to analyze shared patient connections between providers. Provider Pathways, our core offering in Network Intelligence, reveals all connections between providers. It provides the flexibility to analyze referring activity from many perspectives such as network status, procedures, diagnoses, performing providers, and service locations.

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Data and analytics for everyone

With Network Intelligence, your entire organization has the analytics it needs to manage network performance optimally.

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Data and analytics for everyone
Multiple ways to access

Multiple ways to access

Network Intelligence offers both front-end tools and integration into your own systems. Our self-service platform provides pre-built dashboards and customizable data visualizations. You can also leverage our native Salesforce app, APIs, and direct data access to seamlessly access the analytics from your systems of choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    The foundation of our approach is intentionally acquiring more, and more complete, claims data. Our data acquisition strategy includes not just core commercially available claims, but also specifically licensed subsets of data for a complete dataset. In addition, Populi, LLC, which provides the Populi business line, is a Qualified Entity. Populi receives 100% of Medicare Parts A, B and D data in a timelier manner and with more data detail.

    Rather than using algorithms to calculate whether a referral may have taken place, we surface every possible ‘pathway’ a patient has so it uncovers any combination of providers and locations for any encounter a patient has had in their care journey. 

    This starting point allows our clients to configure patient connection investigations in almost any manner they want (e.g., lookback timeframe (Lead-up Period), reference diagnosis or procedure code(s), provider specialties, care settings, and a host of other relevant filtering parameters). 

    We also include indications of explicit referrals may be documented on the claims (which doesn’t happen often) and implicit pathways where we simply know the patient saw one provider and then was seen by another.

    We have developed visual exploration templates that clearly and comprehensively measure network integrity. They identify positive and negative trends at the service line, sub service line, specialty, and other levels. This enables faster analyses and acts as an early warning system to pay attention to referring behavior.

    We’re thrilled you’re interested in learning more! To get a proof-of-concept demo specific to your market and top business questions, sign up for a demo, or speak with your sales and account executives.