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Tap into robust provider attribute and affiliation data

Provider Intelligence helps healthcare organizations inform their provider outreach and targeting strategy with comprehensive attribute and affiliation data on more than 2.8 million healthcare professionals and 301,000 organizations. With Provider Intelligence, you can easily find providers in your market that meet specific criteria and access detailed intelligence on healthcare professionals and organizations to uncover the right opportunities for growth.

Tap into robust provider attribute and affiliation data

Boost your provider acquisition strategy

Learn how teams use Provider Intelligence to drive growth.


Expand your provider directory

Enhance your existing directory and fill in the gaps of out-of-network providers with demographic, clinical, and financial metrics.


Segment and target providers

Expand your network across key service lines by understanding provider specialties, practice locations, and affiliations.


Engage and market to healthcare professionals

Build provider lists using robust intelligence including contact information, affiliation strength, and payor mix.

Answer your critical questions

Provider Intelligence helps you answer important questions such as:


Who are the providers in my market?

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Which providers should I target based on their affiliations or other attributes?


Which physicians practice at a specific location?


What is the best contact information for a healthcare professional or executive?

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How strongly affiliated is a provider with an organization?


What is a provider’s historical affiliations with different organizations?

See how we can help answer your questions.

Learn how Provider Intelligence drives growth

Our offering helps you:

Connect with the right providers

with target lists based on ideal affiliations and attributes

Plan strategically

with a deeper understanding of your market and competitors

Strengthen provider relationships

with messaging tailored to their characteristics or behaviors

Best-in-class affiliation intelligence

Proprietary affiliation intelligence

Provider Intelligence delivers proprietary affiliation intelligence from our Atlas Dataset. Built from a unique blend of all-payor claims, primary research, and complex data science, we not only uncover relationships between providers, but also contextual information such as what day of the week a healthcare professional is likely to be at that organization.

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Deeply understand the providers in your market

Access comprehensive reference data on NPI 1 and 2 providers, covering more than 30 attribute categories such as practice locations, financials, and contact information. We also apply advanced data science to our dataset to create new intelligence you can only get with Definitive Healthcare. For example, our Claims-Based Specialty analytic uses claims, reference, and affiliation data to determine a healthcare professional’s specialty.

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Deeply understand the providers in your market
Attribute and affiliation intelligence for your entire organization

Attribute and affiliation intelligence for your entire organization

With Provider Intelligence, your teams have the analytics they need to nurture and acquire providers.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

    We leverage data science to integrate claims-based affiliations with our primary research to accurately identify connections between entities. Our team also harnesses natural language processing (NLP) to match NPI facilities and a proprietary geolocation algorithm to provide the physical addresses of every U.S. facility. We have also constructed a physician affiliations model that is claims-based, weighted by clinical volumes, and enriched with research and proprietary algorithms to track physician behavior over time. By integrating data across sources, our physician affiliations intelligence uncovers hundreds of thousands of previously unknown relationships between physicians and organizations. In a recent survey conducted by an independent research firm, Definitive Healthcare was ranked #1 or #2 by healthcare organizations for the top five use cases for healthcare reference and affiliation data.

    Our reference data visibility into how healthcare providers are interconnected and operate. Our dataset spans more than 30 unique reference categories such as practice locations, financial performance, contact information, and organizational hierarchy. We also apply data science to generate new intelligence you can only get with Definitive Healthcare. For example, our Claims-Based Specialty analytic uses procedure claims and distinct reference and affiliation data points to identify specialties, eliminating the distraction of unreliable and outdated self-reported information.

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