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Maximize campaign performance with healthcare commercial intelligence

To be successful, marketing leaders at biotech, biopharma, and pharmaceutical companies need an in-depth understanding of the market landscape for their targeted therapy areas. Our solution helps you get a clear view of the healthcare landscape, so you can better allocate marketing resources and maximize campaign performance. On-demand data and industry-specific analytics help you track results, uncover new opportunities, and react to changes on the fly.

Maximize campaign performance with healthcare commercial intelligence

Let’s solve your biggest marketing challenges together

Increasing market share for your brand can be a daunting task. You need to be smart with your promotional activity and spend your budget where it’s most impactful. We can help you:

Understand and influence the right experts

Find and build relationships with the most influential scientific voices in your field to ensure they understand the benefits of your drug or device.

Find treatment-ready patients

Review patient distribution by geography so you can build laser-focused marketing strategies and spend your budget where it has the biggest impact.

Drive the highest response

Engage clients and prospects with the most effective content across the best delivery channels.

Design winning marketing campaigns

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Biopharma Marketing combines data products, analytics, and services to deliver healthcare commercial intelligence to marketing leaders. With this powerful combination, you can improve competitive intelligence, more effectively utilize omnichannel budget, and deploy marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time. Our solution includes:

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Use a wide range of products to easily segment the market and target the right physicians, hospitals, and providers with effective messaging.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Get unparalleled access to billions of all-payor, current insurance claims to power your go-to-market planning and execution.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Access billions of distinct prescription claims to uncover drug market intelligence and understand the prescribing behaviors of individual healthcare professionals.

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Monocl Expert Suite

Gain an up-to-date and accurate understanding of the scientific activity happening within your therapy area.

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Passport Analytics Suite

Develop, launch, and commercialize products more efficiently with data-agnostic healthcare commercial intelligence on demand.

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Custom Reporting

Quickly understand patient and provider behaviors, determine your total addressable market, and more, with custom reports created by our professional services team.

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Benefits for your biopharma marketing team

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Biopharma Marketing helps you:

Improve competitive intelligence

See which providers are prescribing competitor therapies and understand brand market share, physician prescribing behavior, and patient treatment pathways quickly with ready-to-use visualizations.

Improve segmentation

Leverage billions of data points for incredibly targeted, granular campaign segmentation.

Build impactful marketing campaigns

Leverage analytics to find the most engaging marketing channels for each segment and deliver messaging that resonates.

Shorten time to market insight

React to industry trends and adjust campaigns quickly with continually updated real-world, reference, and affiliation data.

A new approach to marketing intelligence

Only Definitive Healthcare can offer:

Intelligence at your fingertips

Intelligence at your fingertips

Access ready-to-use, continually updated intelligence, so your team can create and execute promotional strategies faster.

Unmatched data accuracy

Unmatched data accuracy

Powerful AI/ML techniques link billions of data points together, offering a superior level of quality and new intelligence not found anywhere else.

Iterative analytics on-demand

Iterative analytics on-demand

Explore, analyze, cut, and report data on-demand—all from a single, secure source of truth.