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Create more compelling biopharma brand strategies

Brand strategy leaders increasingly rely on healthcare commercial intelligence to navigate changes in the market and capitalize on new opportunities. Biotech, biopharma, and pharma companies use the Definitive Healthcare Solution for Brand Strategy to inform crucial decisions throughout the commercialization process. With Definitive Healthcare, your team can stay ahead of changes in the market, identify the best opportunities, accelerate launch timelines, and develop strategies to expand market share.

Create more compelling biopharma brand strategies

Let’s solve your biggest brand strategy challenges together

Identifying high-value opportunities for your company is challenging. Healthcare commercial intelligence can help you gain a national and brand-level understanding of the therapy area you’re exploring today, and those that you might explore tomorrow, too. We can help you:

Size patient populations

Use any combination of diagnosis, treatment, and prescription claims data to identify treatment-ready patients to inform initial conversations and outreach to key potential partners.

Understand the competition

Gain detailed intelligence on competitive market share by brand and patient treatment pathways so you can develop targeted takedown strategies.

Expand your brand

Gain a holistic view into the healthcare delivery market and scientific activity for virtually any therapy area to identify opportunities to expand your brand.

Get an unmatched understanding of the market

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Brand Strategy combines comprehensive real-world, reference, and affiliation data with powerful analytics to deliver healthcare commercial intelligence to brand strategy leaders. Using our solution, your teams can quickly evaluate new opportunities, stay ahead of changes in the market, and keep the development pipeline full. Our solution includes:

Passport Analytics Suite

Develop, launch, and commercialize products more efficiently with data-agnostic healthcare commercial intelligence on demand.

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View Product Suite

Access a wide range of products for a holistic view of the healthcare market so you can identify the best opportunities.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Leverage billions of all-payor claims for insight into diagnosis and procedure activity.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Access billions of distinct prescription claims to better understand the prescribing behaviors of the providers treating your patients.

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Latitude Analytics Suite

Use interactive analytics to evaluate granular patient cohorts and the providers that treat them.

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Custom Reporting

Calculate your total addressable market, map out patient journeys, and more with custom reports created by our professional services team.

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Benefits for brand strategy teams

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Brand Strategy helps you:

Identify the best opportunities

Use intelligence on the total addressable market, competitor activity, patient treatment pathways, and more to find the best investment opportunities.

Get to market faster

Prepare for changes in the market and react on the fly with on-demand analytics and healthcare commercial intelligence updated in near real-time.

Sell more effectively

Use real-world claims, reference, and affiliation data to tailor your approach and identify the best organizations and providers who can prescribe your product.

The commercial intelligence you need to move quickly and confidently

Only Definitive Healthcare can offer:

A view of the entire healthcare market

A view of the entire healthcare market

Use real-world claims, reference, and affiliation data to get a holistic view across the healthcare ecosystem and assess new opportunities.

Intelligence at your fingertips

Intelligence at your fingertips

Say goodbye to static cuts of data and make decisions in minutes with ready-to-use, continually updated intelligence available from your desktop or mobile device.

Iterative analytics on-demand

Iterative analytics on-demand

Explore, analyze, cut, and report data on-demand—all from a single, secure source of truth.