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Uncover market opportunity and streamline commercialization

In medical device commercialization, the line between success and failure is razor thin. Commercial strategy leaders need clean, accurate, and intuitive healthcare commercial intelligence to navigate changes in the market and capitalize on new opportunities throughout the commercialization process. Our solution combines multiple datasets with proprietary data science to deliver on-demand insights so your commercial strategy team can make critical decisions with confidence, accelerate launch timelines, and develop strategies to expand market share.

Uncover new market opportunity & streamline commercialization

Lead your organization to commercial success with a data-driven strategy

Opportunities for growth, development, and expansion are out there—but you’ll need more than sharp intuition to lead your organization to them. Take the data-driven approach with healthcare commercial intelligence that can help you understand the market and gain confidence in your actions. We can help you:

Accurately size your total addressable market

Get a complete view of your total addressable market with all-payor claims for diagnoses, procedures, prescriptions, and more, enabling more strategic commercial focus and organizational investment.

Accelerate launch timelines

Assess the market and targets as often as needed to align organizational functions and refine and accelerate commercialization.

Identify new development opportunities

Quickly spot market shifts that your organization can address with on-demand access to billions of data points.

Get an unmatched understanding of the market

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Commercial Strategy combines comprehensive real-world, reference, and affiliation data with powerful analytics to deliver healthcare commercial intelligence to commercial strategy leaders. Using our solution, you get a holistic view of the entire healthcare market so you can make more informed decisions and sell more effectively. Our solution includes:

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Access a wide range of products for a holistic view of the healthcare market so you can identify the best opportunities.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Leverage billions of all-payor claims for insight into diagnosis and procedure activity.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Access billions of distinct prescription claims to better understand the prescribing behaviors of the providers treating your patients.

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Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights with healthcare data reports, custom engagements, promotional analytics, and more with our strategic solutions team.

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Make an impact with your data-driven commercial strategy

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Commercial Strategy helps you to:

Identify the best opportunities

Use all-payor claims intelligence for diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions to identify your total addressable market and map the right opportunities for your device.

Identify where patients are being diagnosed and treated

Leverage real-world claims, reference, and affiliation data to identify the organizations and physicians that can use your device to improve patient care or clinician workflow.

Get to market faster

Prepare for changes in the market and react quickly with on-demand analytics and healthcare commercial intelligence updated in near real time.

The intelligence you need to move quickly and confidently

Only Definitive Healthcare offers:

Iterative analytics on-demand

Unmatched data accuracy

Powerful AI/ML techniques link billions of data points together, offering a superior level of data quality and new intelligence not found anywhere else.

Self-service iterative analytics

Self-service iterative analytics

Access ready-to-use, continually updated intelligence to explore, analyze, cut, and report data on demand, enabling easier identification of the highest value targets.

Confidence in market intelligence

Confidence in market intelligence

Ensure integrity in market opportunity analysis with our proprietary approach to data cleansing and linking that accounts for every member of the healthcare ecosystem.