Launching your medical device: A strategy and execution cross-functional guide

Launching new medical devices can be a lengthy and complex process. To be successful, there are several elements to a product launch that are worth considering.  

This comprehensive eBook captures the total cross-functional alignment needed to launch your device by outlining tactical and strategic considerations for 15 functional areas. 

You have so much opportunity to win. Use this guide to develop a robust, solid launch strategy. You’ll get:

  • Tactical checklists by function
  • Pre-populated and editable GANTT chart to keep you organized
  • Strategic considerations for your launch

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What's inside

Access strategic guidance across key departments

Follow our roadmap to guide your device launch strategy and to continue to transform the healthcare landscape by improving patient outcomes, quality of life or clinician workflow.

key departments of cross-functional medical device pre-launch

Keep all objectives of your launch strategy organized and actionable

Our GANTT chart tool comes pre-populated with the tactical items in the eBook. You'll be able to download the tool along with the eBook when you submit the form above.

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