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Drive revenue with data-fueled sales strategies

The market is constantly changing. Sales and sales operations leaders in medtech and medical device organizations need to plan quickly and remain flexible to hit their targets in a shifting landscape. With our on-demand data and iterative analytics, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the market and your account targets so you can design more effective sales territories, maximize salesforce impact, and go beyond your goals to deliver greater value to your organization.

Drive revenue with data-fueled sales strategies

Engage and sell more effectively

Discover high-value sales opportunities and close more business with healthcare commercial intelligence built on proprietary AI/ML technology and data science—and backed by all-payor claims, reference and affiliations data, key industry contacts, and more.

Improve patient care and clinician workflow

Identify where and with whom your device will have the highest impact using our all-payor claims, reference, and affiliation data.

Effectively segment and target

Elevate your intelligence into hospitals, IDNs, GPOs, physicians, and ancillary care facilities to better segment your markets and identify your highest value targets. Make more efficient use of sales reps’ time and lead impactful conversations with key contacts.

Empower more effective engagements

Discover your decision-makers, users, influencers, and key opinion leaders across a multitude of therapies and care settings using top-tier affiliations and contact data for more productive interactions with target accounts.

Create sales strategies that win

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Medical Device Sales delivers powerful healthcare commercial intelligence to sales leaders through a combination of data products, analytics, and services. Using our solution, you can generate increased revenue by designing more effective sales territories, maximizing sales executive performance, and improving segmentation and targeting efforts. Our solution includes:

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Use a wide range of products to easily segment the market and target the right hospitals, IDNs, physicians, and ancillary care facilities with messaging that drives a response.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Access billions of all-payor claims to create more effective sales plans and improve the quality of your outreach.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Leverage billions of distinct prescription claims to understand provider prescribing behavior and organizational affiliations to identify alternative intervention opportunities for your device.

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Data Integration

Maximize salesforce effectiveness by integrating Definitive Healthcare intelligence directly into your CRM. You get a one-stop shop for targeting, improving workflow, and time to insight.

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Latitude Analytics Suite

Identify physicians, facilities, payors, and patient demographics based on a patient cohort customized for your ideal patient population.

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Custom Reporting

Map patient cohorts, pinpoint decision-makers and providers with purchasing power, and more, with custom reports created by our professional services team.

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Key benefits for your sales teams

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Medical Device Sales helps you to:

Shorten time to insight

Track performance and measure impact so you can adjust sales strategies as needed, optimize rep time, and drive revenue.

Improve competitive intelligence

Use all-payor claims, reference, and affiliation data to quickly see which providers are prescribing competitor therapies, and then develop strategies to displace them.

Maximize sales rep performance

Use continually updated HCP-to-HCO affiliation data along with address and contact info to help your team prioritize the highest-value decision-makers with tailored messaging.

A new approach to sales intelligence

Only Definitive Healthcare can offer:

Total healthcare system affiliation matching

Total healthcare system affiliation matching

Strategically orchestrate outreach and messaging for affiliated decision-makers, users, and influencers across physicians, hospitals, IDNs, ancillary care facilities, and more.

Unmatched data accuracy

Unmatched data accuracy

Powerful AI/ML techniques link billions of data points together, offering a superior level of data quality and new intelligence not found anywhere else.

Self-service Iterative analytics

Self-service Iterative analytics

Access ready-to-use, continually updated intelligence on-demand or within a CRM so your team can identify the highest value targets for your device.