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Get your medical device to the most patients

The relationships between your device, the patients who need it, and the payors who reimburse for it are complex—but crucial to understand. Our solution provides real-world data on these connections by combining all-payor claims with proprietary analytics. Armed with this commercial intelligence, your market access and reimbursement teams can quickly identify the best opportunities, improve product launches, and evolve payor strategies – all to get your device to the people who need it most.

From factory to physician

Solve your critical challenges

Our solution helps answer your biggest questions, so you can:

Get an accurate view of the payor landscape

Identify which payors to target for device coverage, including break outs for private payors, Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage, with our top-ranked, all-payor claims data.

Perform robust and detailed HEOR analysis

Gain insight into the cost-effectiveness of treatments by comparing costs and benefits. Our custom reporting makes it simple to evaluate economic data and determine the value of healthcare interventions.

Ensure a strong access strategy for your product launch

Discover the highest-value payors for your diagnostic or treatment area, so your market access team can drive patient and physician access right from the start.

Uncover high-value payors to maximize access to your device

The Definitive Healthcare Solution for Market Access and Reimbursement combines data products, proprietary analytics, and services to deliver healthcare commercial intelligence. Understand the payors, providers, and patients that need your product to maximize access, reimbursement, and overall product success. Our solution includes:


Simplify sales enablement and access data-driven targeting, segmentation, territory planning, and customer-facing reporting with our intuitive sales acceleration engine.

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Use a wide range of products to easily segment the market and target the right hospitals, IDNs, physicians, and ancillary care facilities based on your payor strategy.

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Atlas All-Payor Claims

Get unparalleled access to billions of all-payor, current insurance claims to power your go-to-market planning and execution.

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Atlas Prescription Claims

Access billions of distinct prescription claims to uncover drug market intelligence and understand the prescribing behaviors of individual healthcare professionals.

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Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights with healthcare data reports, custom engagements, promotional analytics, and more with our strategic solutions team.

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Data Integration

Make your salesforce more effective by integrating our intelligence directly into your CRM. Get a one-stop shop for improving workflow and time to insight.

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Empower your market access and reimbursement teams

Our solution helps you to:

Identify the best market opportunities

Find the most relevant payors for your device to ensure patient and physician access. Evaluate the providers using specific payors to better understand where and how your ideal patients are diagnosed and receive treatment.

Improve product launches

Discover and monitor the most high-value payors to drive patient and physician access at time of launch.

Evolve payor strategies over time

Plan for shifts in payor mix, patient populations, and healthcare organizations. With continually updated intelligence, you can evolve payor strategies to demonstrate your product’s value to the widest patient population.

Shorten time to insight

React quickly to industry trends to adjust targeting and messaging with current all-payor claims data.

A new approach to market access and reimbursement intelligence

Only Definitive Healthcare can offer:

Unmatched data accuracy

Unmatched data accuracy

Powerful AI/ML techniques link billions of data points together, offering a superior level of quality and new intelligence not found anywhere else.

Proprietary payor mastering process

Proprietary payor mastering process

We normalize payor data and deduplicate payor claims records to deliver an accurate view of payor coverage based on unique patients.

Self-service iterative analytics

Self-service iterative analytics

Access ready-to-use, continually updated intelligence to explore, analyze, cut, and report data on demand so your team can identify crucial payors for your device.