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Harness the power of expert data when and where you need it

Get a holistic, streamlined view of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) most relevant to your therapeutic area or disease state with Monocl ExpertGO, the mobile app counterpart to Monocl ExpertInsight. If you’re a field medical leader or a medical science liaison, then you can now explore experts' recent activities, including publications, clinical trials, and grants, from anywhere on your favorite mobile device.

Harness the power of expert data when and where you need it

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Wherever you go, our expert data goes with you

Monocl ExpertInsight powers Monocl ExpertGO, providing on-the-go access to the scientific activities of more than 15 million experts globally across all therapeutic areas. A robust feature set helps you increase Medical Affairs’ productivity, streamline workflows, and develop more informed medical strategies. See more of what Monocl ExpertInsight has to offer here.

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Find relevant experts in real time

Find relevant experts in real time

Monocl ExpertGO lets you explore the latest activities around the experts most relevant to your therapeutic area, development timeline, and organizational goals—all from the convenience of your mobile device.

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Don’t wait to understand the experts who matter

A single source of truth on more than 15 million experts—including insights into their therapeutic areas, clinical activities, and associations—helps you save time and improve productivity while away from your office.

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Don’t wait to understand the experts who matter
Engage with confidence

Engage with confidence

Meaningful conversations are easier than ever when you have on-the-go access to experts’ latest publications and collaborator networks. Quickly lookup KOLs before a meeting and assess new possibilities when unexpected opportunities arise.

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Expert intelligence anywhere

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Stay up to date on the go

Access experts while away from your office for immediate synopsis of relevant information.

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Improve expert conversations

Review latest publications or meeting presentations for more meaningful conversations.

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Identify new experts to engage

Discover the top local collaborators in an expert’s network to engage with during on-site visits.

Frequently asked questions

    Monocl ExpertGO puts the power of Monocl ExpertInsight in your hands, providing immediate access to expert information when and where you need it. The ExpertGO mobile app is easy to access using your Monocl ExpertInsight license credentials to log in, and is available for download on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

    Users will now be able to use Monocl ExpertGO to search for experts and review their activities when away from their home office. It is now easy to view recently searched experts and their publications, clinical trials, grants, and meeting presentations prior to a meeting or while at a conference. You will also be able to manage your projects directly from your phone.

    Yes, it follows best practices in app development. It has also been reviewed and approved by both Google and Apple. You can see additional security details for the Apple App Store and Google Play store for more information.